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The most popular Skywars plugin, but updated! New features, fixes and much more.

  1. Removed ELO, Recoded kit lores + A lot of fixes!


    This update completely removes the ELO system from the plugin!! It was buggy and did not work as expected. Make sure to update your messages.yml file because the placeholders will no longer work!
    We also recoded the kit lores. This requires your kits to be set up again (at least the lores!). We replaced lore1, lore2 etc. with a List lore: - ....

    Full changelog:
    Removed ELO from the plugin. Make sure to remove occurrences of the elo placeholders from the messages.yml, holograms.yml, and other files.
    Recoded kit lores! They are no longer in format of "line1, line2" but are now in a list: "lores.unlocked"! [IMPORTANT!]
    Added a 'SkyWarsReloadEvent' event for developers, called when '/sw reload' is executed.
    Added a glow effect (enchantment) to the voting menu to the currently selected vote of a player.
    Fixed '/swm delete' throwing an error.
    Fixed scoreboard placeholders for spectators not being replaced.
    Fixed '/sw quit' not working for spectators.
    Fixed not showing the right scoreboard when leaving a game.
    Fixed taunts still working while spectating a game.
    Fixed being able to teleport to other players using the spectator menu.
    Fixed next event placeholders for scoreboards not displayed the right events and going negative.
    Fixed /sw holoadd's succession message placeholders not being replaced.
    Fixed {winners..} placeholders sometimes not being removed on scoreboard.
    Fixed game bug which caused players that were riding an entity when they joined to bug in a game.
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