SkywarsReloaded UPDATED | Recoded | 1.16 Support! | New features! | 1.8x - 1.16x 5.5.0

The most popular Skywars plugin, but updated! New features, fixes and much more.

  1. A LOT Of Fixes!

    As many of you know, we messed up pretty badly in v5.4.1 causing a lot of bugs. We recently started recoding a big part of the game managers, such as leaving, dying, and spectating, and managed to fix all bugs regarding these things.
    Please know that this is a beta! We did test it, but may not have been all bugs, so please report any bugs you encounter to our discord server

    Recoded the leave managers. All plugins hooking into our...
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  2. Removed ELO, Recoded kit lores + A lot of fixes!


    This update completely removes the ELO system from the plugin!! It was buggy and did not work as expected. Make sure to update your messages.yml file because the placeholders will no longer work!
    We also recoded the kit lores. This requires your kits to be set up again (at least the lores!). We replaced lore1, lore2 etc. with a List lore: - ....

    Full changelog:
    Removed ELO from the plugin. Make sure to remove occurrences of the elo placeholders from the...
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  3. Updater Fix

    Fixed updater sending messages when no update had been found.

    My GCNT message: this and the previous update contain a new My GCNT update-notifier which notifies server admins when a new version of the plugin is available. It checks through MyGCNT, not SpigotMC. As we often pre-release versions on MyGCNT, you may get a notification before it's released on SpigotMC. You can just download it from the link the plugin gives you, it's the same file.
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  4. Updater + New options & Commands + A lot of fixes!


    We've worked really hard on this update and we managed to fix a LOT of things. This time it's a big ass changelog, so enjoy! Check out the MyGCNT page for the full description.

    Added a fun little updater to check for updates from MyGCNT.
    Added a new config option to change the time display formats on scoreboards and other messages.
    Added a new command to teleport players to the skywars lobby: /sw lobby
    Added a new command to check if...
  5. Fixes

    Fixed a bug where it would say your teams were unbalanced on register when separate cages were disabled.
    Fixed a bug for bungeecord servers regarding JSON stuff.
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  6. 1.16.4 support + PAPI fixes

    Added support for 1.16.4
    Fixed PAPI placeholders 'kill_death' and 'win_loss' to only be detected when all characters were lowercase.
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  7. 1.16x fixes

    Fixed a bug on 1.16 servers where the plugin would throw an error on QuickDeath.
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  8. No more different versions! - Team chats - A lot of fixes!

    It is FINALLY here!! The update that allows EVERYONE to download SkyWarsReloaded from whatever platform they want, including Aternos! Because SpigotMC downloads are back!!
    We managed to merge both the 1.8-1.12 and the 1.13+ version of the plugin into one version, by doing some difficult stuff with the WorldEdit API.
    But don't worry, nothing is going to change for you. Just install the latest version, and you'll be all set.
    We have also added team chats, some placeholders, and fixed quite...
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  9. Rewritten messages + Tab Complete + Join/Leave Messages

    In this update, we've rewritten almost every message in the messages.yml to be more modern, have better grammar, and have colors that match each other better.
    We suggest you remove your current messages.yml and let the SWR generate the new one for you. But only if you haven't modified most messages of it yourself.

    Added tab complete for all commands.
    Added new {votes} option to the messages that are sent when you vote for a game option.
    Rewritten all messages in...
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  10. Bug fixes

    Fixed bug regarding the '/swm spawn' command producing an NPE.
    Fixed bug regarding the '/swm debug' command to display an empty string in the command list.
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