SkywarsReloaded UPDATED | Recoded | 1.19 Support! | New features! | 1.8x - 1.19x 5.6.4

The most popular Skywars plugin, but updated! New features, fixes and much more.

  1. GCNT
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    • 1.19
    Source Code:
    GaagjesCraft Network Team (GCNT), Walrusone
    Languages Supported:
    All messages are configurable in the config
    SkywarsReloaded UPDATED
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    We've had a lot of requests for updating the SkywarsReloaded plugin. We also had a lot of feature requests and bug reports. After quite a time, we decided to maintain the popular SkywarsReloaded plugin.

    This plugin is the exact same version as the official one (4.1.3), but adds more features, fixes, and 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18, and 1.19 support!
    You can just update to this version without removing any of your current Skywars files as it all works the same.
    Please note that the official Skywars plugin is no longer in development. The development of that plugin will be continued here.

    If you want to even have more fun out of your Skywars game, make sure to install our Extension. It adds a lot more commands, allows you to import maps, a fancy in-game menu kit editor, NPCs, autojoin, and much more.
    For new feature requests, make sure to join our Discord server. The invite link is below.


    Extra Features
    The features listed below are extra features. This plugin contains the same features as the official SkywarsReloaded plugin because this is an updated version. The official plugin is no longer in development, so we're continuing it.
    • Added tab complete for commands.
    • Added team chats. Use a ! in front of the message to talk globally.
    • Added join and leave messages on game join.
    • Added a new scoreboard system for less lag, more efficiency, and PAPI support.
    • Added a waiting lobby to team games!
    • Added the ability to enable separate cages for team games.
    • Added a team selector for team games.
    • Added an option to disable the join-waiting timer being reset every time a new player joins the game (config.yml -> game.resetTimerOnJoin).
    • Added detailed description messages in case an arena failed to register.
    • Added look direction spawn. Players will face this location when they join the map. Must be enabled in the config.
    • Hooks into the extension to override the actions when clicking the join item in the inventory.
    • Added join menu customization for items. You can now change the lores and display names.
    • Added join menu per-arena icons. Each arena can have its own icon.
    • Added 1.14x, 1.15x, 1.16x, 1.17x, 1.18.2, and 1.19 support.
    • Added Developer API Events!
    • Added the sw.signs permission for breaking signs.
    • Added option in config to disable the winning broadcast.
    • Fixed arenas menu being empty.
    • Fixed the PlaceholderAPI expansion error.
    • Fixed holograms giving errors when HolographicDisplays wasn't installed.
    • Fixed spectate skulls being duplicated.
    • Quick Death
    • Schematic cages for solo games (requires WorldEdit)
    • Fixed player spawn points being forgotten after setting them.
    • Fixed wall signs being empty bug on 1.13+.
    Main Features
    These are the features that were already included by the main author (walrusone).
    These features may change and all new features will be listed above under 'extra features'.
    • Scoreboards
      • 5 different scoreboard types for different game statuses.
      • Supports (MVdW)PlaceholderAPI
      • 20 custom placeholders
      • 32 characters on 1.8-1.12, 128 on 1.13+
    • BungeeCord support
      • Lobby server with join signs & menu
      • Game servers (auto arena join when joining the server)
      • Returned to lobby server after game ends
    • Solo games
    • Team games
      • Waiting lobby for team games
      • Team selector
      • Group cages/single cages
    • Join games through signs
    • Join games through menus
    • Kits
    • Chat system
      • 4 chat formats
      • Lobby, spectate, ingame, and team chat
      • Option to disable custom chat, and use another plugin's chat system
      • Optional externalPrefix option to add a prefix to another plugin's chat system (disabled by default).
    • Game voting
      • Chests (basic, normal, overpowered, empty)
      • Health (5hp, 10hp, 15hp, 20hp)
      • Time (dawn, noon, dusk, night)
      • Weather (sun, rain, thunder, snow)
      • Modifier (speed, jump, strength, none)
    • Chest loot
      • Configurable chest loot
      • 6 total chest types (3 are votable)
      • Center chests
      • Basic, normal, overpowered, basiccenter, normalcenter, opcenter
    • Spectate games through menus
    • Game options
      • win sounds
      • kill sounds
      • glass (cage)
      • taunts
      • particles
      • projectile trails
    • Lobby spawn
      • teleport to lobby on join/world join
      • teleported to lobby on game leave/end
    • Player statistics
      • wins
      • kills
      • losses
      • games played
      • deaths
    • Game events
      • DisableRegen
      • HealthDecay
      • EnderDragon
      • Wither
      • MobSpawn
      • CrateDrop
      • ChestRefill
      • DeathMatch
      • ArrowRain
      • AnvilRain
    • MySQL support
    • Holographic statistics (Holographic Display)
    • Party system
    • Tab Complete for Skywars commands (if permission)
    • Command to customize chest loot in-game
    • Command to create and manage arenas
    • Command to create kits
    • Arena display names
    • Lobby scoreboard + In-game scoreboards
    • Messages are 100% configurable
    • Everything is configurable in the Skywars folder
    Okay so there are way more features, but I can't name them all, so these are the most important ones. Just install the plugin and you will see :)

    Player Commands

      • sw quit: Quits from the current game
      • sw join: Join a SkyWars match
      • sw spectate [playername/mapname]: Spectates the game that the player is in or the map.
      • sw stats [playername]: Shows a players stats
      • sw top [stat]: Displays SkyWars leaderboard for the selected stat
      • sw options: Opens the options selection menu.
      • sw winsound: Opens the win sound selection menu.
      • sw killsound: Opens the kill sound selection menu.
      • sw glass: Opens the glass color selection menu.
      • sw taunt: Opens the taunt selection menu.
      • sw particle: Opens the particle effect selection menu.
      • sw projectile: Opens the projectile effect selection menu.
    Admin Commands

      • sw setspawn: Sets the lobby spawn.
      • sw stat [playername] [stat] [method] [amount]: Changes a players stat based on the method. For integer stats, method can be "add", "remove", or "set". For non-integer stats, always use "set".
      • sw clearstats [playername]: Clears a SkyWars players stats
      • sw reload: Reloads SkyWars
      • sw chestadd [chesttype] [method] [percentage]: Adds item(s) in hand/inventory to the chesttype with the assigned percentage. Type can be basic, normal, op, or crate.
      • sw start: Forces a match to start without having the minimum players listed the maps.yml.
      • sw updatetop: Forces an update of the leaderboards.
      • sw hologram [stat] [format]: Adds a hologram at your eye location.
      • /sw holoremove: Removes the closest hologram leaderboard.
    Kit Commands

      • swkit create [kitname]: Create a kit using the items in your inventory
      • swkit enable [kitname]: Toggles whether the kit is enabled or disabled
      • swkit icon [kitname]: Sets the icon for the kit to the itemstack in your hand
      • swkit lockicon [kitname]: Sets the locked icon for the kit to the itemstack in your hand
      • swkit perm [kitname]: Toggles whether a permission is needed to unlock the kit
      • swkit list: Lists all kits
      • swkit load [kitname]: Clears your inventory and loads the kit into your inventory
      • swkit lore [kitname] [number] [lore]: Used to set up to 16 lines of lore and locked lore. <number> can be between 1 and 16 or the string "locked". Can include color codes.
      • swkit name [kitname] [displayname]: Sets the display name for the kit. Can include color codes.
      • swkit position [kitname] [position]: Sets the icon position within the kit menu
      • swkit update [kitname]: Updates the kit <kitname> with your current inventory
    Map Commands

      • swmap arenas: Opens an Arena GUI
      • swmap spawn look: Sets the face direction for the players. They will look to that location when they join the game.
      • swmap create [mapname]: Creates a map named [mapname]
      • swmap edit [mapname]: Opens a map named [mapname] for editing
      • swmap delete [mapname]: Deletes a map named [mapname]
      • swmap list: Lists available maps
      • swmap register [mapname]: Registers a map named [mapname]
      • swmap unregister [mapname]: Unregisters a map named [mapname]
      • swmap save [mapname]: Saves an open map named [mapname]
      • swmap minimum [mapname] [number]: Sets the minimum players for [mapname]
      • swmap name [mapname] [displayname]: Sets the display name for [mapname]
      • swmap creator [mapname] [creator]: Sets the creator name for [mapname]
      • swmap refresh [mapname]: Reloads the map.yml data file for the specific map. [mapname] can be set to "all" to reload all map.yml's.
      • swmap spawn [type] [team]: Adds a spawn at your location when in edit mode. Type can be "player", "spec", "look" or "death". If you are configuring a team game, you need to specify the team number.
      • swmap chesttype [mapname]: Toggles between the chest types that can be added.
      • swmap legacyload [mapname]: This will run the scanner and you will receive messages stating chests and spawns are added. See further instruction for this command below.
    Party Commands

      • swparty create [partyname]: Creates a party named [partyname]
      • swparty accept: Accepts a party invite
      • swparty decline: Declines a party invite
      • swparty disband: Disbands your party
      • swparty info: Lists your parties info
      • swparty invite [player]: Invites a player to your party
      • swparty leave: Leaves your current party
      • swparty name [partyname]: Changes your parties name

    Group Permissions

      • sw.admin: Allows a player to use all admin commands.
      • sw.maps: Allows a player to use all map commands.
      • sw.kits: Allows a player to use all kit commands.
      • sw.parties: Allows a player to use all party commands
      • sw.player: Allows a player to use all player commands
    Player Permissions

      • sw.join: Allows a player to use sw join command and to join games.
      • sw.stats: Allows a player to view player stats.
      • Allows a player to view the leaderboard.
      • sw.quit: Allows a player to use sw quit command.
      • sw.winsound: Allows a player to use sw winsound command.
      • sw.killsound: Allows a player to use sw killsound command.
      • Allows a player to use sw glass command.
      • sw.taunt: Allows a player to use sw taunt command.
      • sw.projectile: Allows a player to use sw projectile command.
      • sw.particle: Allows a player to use sw particle command.
      • sw.spectate: Allows a player to spectate using the spectate menu or the spectate command.
      • sw.vip1: Gives the player an experience and voting multiplier that corresponds to vip1.
      • sw.vip2: Gives the player an experience and voting multiplier that corresponds to vip2.
      • sw.vip3: Gives the player an experience and voting multiplier that corresponds to vip3.
      • sw.vip4: Gives the player an experience and voting multiplier that corresponds to vip4.
      • sw.vip5: Gives the player an experience and voting multiplier that corresponds to vip5.
      • sw.kit.[filename]: Allows the player to unlock voting on a permission required kit. [filename] is the filename of the kit without the “.yml”
      • sw.votemenu: Allows a player to open the in game voting menu.
      • sw.chestvote: Allow a player to vote on the chest type in pregame menus.
      • sw.healthvote: Allow a player to vote on the health amount in pregame menus.
      • sw.timevote: Allow a player to vote on the time in pregame menus.
      • sw.weathervote: Allows a player to vote on the weather in the pregame menus.
      • sw.modifiervote: Allows a player to vote on the modifier in the pregame menus.
      • sw.pareffect.[name]: Allows a player you use a particle effect without having the required level. [name] represents the “Key” for the particle effect in the particleeffects.yml.
      • sw.proeffect.[name]: Allows a player you use a projectile particle effect without having the required level. [name] represents the “Key” for the projectile particle effect in the projectileeffects.yml.
      • sw.glasscolor.[name]: Allows a player you use a glass color without having the required level. [name] represents the “Key” for the glass color in the glasscolors.yml.
      • sw.killsound.[name]: Allows a player you use a kill sound without having the required level. [name] represents the “Key” for the kill sound in the killsounds.yml.
      • sw.winsound.[name]: Allows a player you use a win sound without having the required level. [name] represents the “Key” for the win sound in the winsounds.yml.
      • sw.taunt.[name]: Allows a player you use a taunt without having the required level. [name] represents the “Key” for the taunt in the taunts.yml.
    The "Key" for each effect/sound/glasscolor/taunt can be found in their respective ymls. The "Key" in the following code sample is the highlighted value.

    Admin Permissions

      • sw.setspawn: Allows a player to set a set the lobby spawn.
      • sw.stat: Allows a player to set a players stats.
      • sw.clearstats: Allows a player to clear a players stats.
      • sw.allowcommands: Allows a player to use commands when spectating or in game.
      • sw.reload: Allows a player to use the reload command.
      • sw.chestadd: Allows a player to use the chestadd command.
      • sw.start: Allows a player to use the start command.
      • sw.updatetop: Allows a player to use the updatetop command.
      • sw.hologram: Allows a player to use the hologram command.
      • sw.holoremove: Allows a player to use the holoremove command
    Map Permissions

      • Allows a player to use the Arenas GUI.
      • Allows a player to create an arena.
      • Allows a player to edit an arena.
      • Allows a player to delete an arena.
      • Allows a player to list the available arenas.
      • Allows a player to save an arena.
      • Allows a player to register an arena.
      • Allows a player to unregister an arena.
      • Allows a player to reload the map data file.
      • Allows a player to set the arena creator.
      • Allows a player to set the arena display name.
      • Allows a player to set the arena minimum number of players.
      • Allows a player to use the spawn command.
      • Allows a player to use the chesttype command.
    Kit Permissions

      • sw.kit.create: Allows a player to use the create command.
      • sw.kit.enable: Allows a player to use the enable command.
      • sw.kit.icon: Allows a player to use the icon command.
      • sw.kit.lockicon: Allows a player to use the lockicon command.
      • sw.kit.perm: Allows a player to use the perm command.
      • sw.kit.load: Allows a player to use the load command.
      • sw.kit.list: Allows a player to use the list command.
      • sw.kit.lore: Allows a player to use the lore command.
      • Allows a player to use the name command.
      • sw.kit.position: Allows a player to use the position command.
      • sw.kit.update: Allows a player to use the update command.
    Party Permissions

      • Allows a player to accept a party invite.
      • Allows a player to create a party.
      • Allows a player to disband a party.
      • Allows a player to decline a party invite.
      • Allows a player to view their party info.
      • Allows a player to invite players to their party.
      • Allows a player to leave a party.

    1: Create an arena using "/swm create <name>".
    2: Set the teamsize to 2 or higher using "/swm teamsize <name> <2+>".
    3: If you have separated cages enabled, set a cage for each team member using "/swm spawn player <teamNumber>". Performing this 2 times will add 2 spawns to the target team.
    4: Set the waiting lobby spawn using "/swm spawn lobby".
    5: Set all other stuff you might want to change, add chests etc.
    6: Save and register the map.
    7: Create a join sign and join the game (preferred with 2+ players).

    How to set up the plugin on Bungeecord?
    See how to setup SkyWarsReloaded on a Bungeecord network. This requires at least v4.4.0

    How to create custom cages?
    See how to create custom schematic cages for players to wait in until the game starts. I know, it's pretty cool :)

    How to import arenas?
    See how to turn an already existing world into a custom SkyWarsReloaded arena using the Extension

    How to create holograms?
    See how to create skywars leaderboard holograms in-game using HolographicDisplays.

    How to setup the plugin properly?
    See how to create new arenas, change custom chest loot, kits and holograms.
    This video has been made by SoulStriker.

    API Events
    Code (YAML):

    : Fired when a player dies in-game.
    : Fired when a player joins a game.
    : Fired when a player kills another player in-game.
    : Fired when a player leaves a game.
    : Fired when a player wins a game.
    : Fired when a player selects a team in a game.

    Below are raw placeholders for (MVdW)PlaceholderAPI. If you use clip's version, then put them between % %, otherwise between { }.
    swr_elo - ELO of the player
    swr_wins - The game wins of the player
    swr_losses - The number of games a player lost
    swr_kills - The total kill count of a player
    swr_deaths - The number of times a player has died
    swr_xp - The XP amount of a player
    swr_level - The XP level of a player
    swr_games_played - The number of games a player has played
    swr_kill_death - Kills divided by deaths of a player
    swr_win_loss - Wins divided by losses of a player

    We know that this plugin may be a bit difficult to understand. That's why we've made a website with some useful tutorials for SkywarsReloaded.

    If that's not enough, we also have a Discord server where we're ready to help you 24/7. Our Discord server is the official one that's already been referred to on the actual SkywarsReloaded page!
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    at com.walrusone.skywarsreloaded.managers.ItemsManager.addItem( ~[SkyWarsReloaded 5.6.3.jar:?]
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    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d( ~[paper-1.18.2.jar:git-Paper-379]
    at net.minecraft.util.thread.BlockableEventLoop.pollTask( ~[?:?]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.pollTaskInternal( ~[paper-1.18.2.jar:git-Paper-379]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.pollTask( ~[paper-1.18.2.jar:git-Paper-379]
    at net.minecraft.util.thread.BlockableEventLoop.managedBlock( ~[?:?]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.waitUntilNextTick( ~[paper-1.18.2.jar:git-Paper-379]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.runServer( ~[paper-1.18.2.jar:git-Paper-379]
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.lambda$spin$0( ~[paper-1.18.2.jar:git-Paper-379]
    at ~[?:?]
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    Nice Plugin .
    keep updating the plugin, it's excellent!
    I like the plugin it is very useful for aternos and to create a skywars server
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    Version: 5.6.1
    Pretty good plugin but how do you place signs in a lobby that you can press to teleport to a skywars game instead of using the blue helmet ?
  8. Tokoferol
    Version: 5.6.1
    This is a great plugin, I love it, I just want to ask if 1.18 support is coming. And does 1.17 version of this plugin work for a 1.18 server?
    1. GCNT
      Author's Response
      v5 uses NMS (version specific code) that needs to be updated with every Minecraft release. Therefore it does not support 1.18.
      We will not be updating v5 to MC 1.18 because we are currently working on the major recode for V6 (which will not dependent code anymore). It is going to take some time though for us to finish V6, but in the meantime we will not be updating the current version.
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