SkyWarsReloaded 4.1.3

SkyWars with Sign Join Mode, Leaderboards, and Lots of Options

  1. Projectile Spleef Fix for pre 1.11

    Projectile Spleef Fix for pre 1.11
    Add spectate command /sw spectate [playername/mapname]
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  2. Chest Fix

    Fixes the chests being empty bug.
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  3. Critical Bug Fix

    Fixes a bug that was leaving players in the map on disconnect, so unless otherwise forced by another plugin, they would spawn within the map when they reconnected. This has been fixed, they are now teleported before disconnected and a fail-safe has been added so that if they are in a game world when they first join the server, they are teleported back to spawn.
  4. New Events, Legacy Loader & More

    Added five new events to the event system:
    1. Shrinking Border Event - A world border that shrinks by 1 radius each second.
    2. Projectiles Only Event - Just what is says. Disabled regular PVP damage and only projectile damages works.
    3. Projectile Spleef Event - All projectiles (except enderpearls) destroy blocks upon hit. Configurable number of Eggs are added to players inventory on start.
    4. Double Damage Event - All PVP damage is doubled.
    5. Ghast Event - Spawns a Ghast above...
  5. Center Chests, World Border & Stat Command Changes

    This update brings a couple of changes and additions as well as some minor bug fixes.
    1. The setstat command has been renamed the "stat" command. The command now takes an additional method argument as such sw stat [playername] [stat] [method] [amount]. The method can be "add", "remove", or "set" for integer stats and "set" for non-integer stats.
    2. A world border option has been added to the config. Here you can enable a world border (it is disabled by default) and set the...
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  6. Spectator Bug

    Fixes bug in spectator system causing players to be left ingame.
  7. Bug Fixes

    • Added Scavenger Option Toggle per map. This allows the scavenger option in the voting menu to be disabled for maps that aren't suitable for resource harvesting.
    • Fixed bug allowing spectators to join during map restarting.
    • Fixed bug in max items allowed in chests.
    • Fixed scoreboard bug when variables where placed in line1 of the scoreboard.
  8. 1.13.2 Update

    This update brings support for 1.13.2 and also includes numerous bug fixes. I'll describe the biggest bugs fixes here:
    • Fixes map generation issue where maps would load and be missing large chunks of the map.
    • Fixes mapdata duplication caused by the refresh command
    • Fixes event message duplication.
    • Refresh command actually works as expected and reloads all map data (including events) correctly.
    Noteworthy Additions:
    • Support for 1.13.2.
    • Maps can now be...
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  9. Team Selection and Bug Fixes

    1. This update adds a team selection menu, so that players can pick their team color.
    2. Improves colorization of cages in team match.
    3. Adds team options to config for using Player Names and using player colors.
    4. Fixes critical ELO bug that was causing values to calculate incorrectly.
    5. Fixes other bugs that have been reported.
  10. Registering Map Bug

    Fixes the bug that was causing maps to crash when joining.
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