Slabbo - Now with 1.16.2 support! 1.0.16

Free slab shops for everyone!

  1. Mackan90096
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    All of them!
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    The greatest shop solution for CraftBukkit and Spigot!

    What is Slabbo?

    Slabbo is a Spigot plugin that lets players and admins create and use slab shops with ease! Take a stick, right-click any slab and create your shop with the GUI!

    • Simple, intuitive menus that gets players setup with a fully functioning shop in less than a minute! No commands needed!
    • Change anything about a shop with a few clicks! No need to start over again!
    • Shops are indestructible! They're immune to explosions, fire, mob griefing, piston tools, griefers and everything else that would normally destroy a slab!
    • Easy shopping experience, no commands needed! Usage is natural! Players don't have to spend 30 minutes with a tutorial.
    • You can buy and sell any items, including those with special item meta, enchantments etc.
    • Admin shops are just a command away, (/slabbo admin toggle) and they have an infinite stock!
    • Admin shops can also have a limited stock and restock automatically after a certain period of time!
    • The plugin is lightweight and efficient. Slabbo won't drag your TPS down!
    • All shops are stored nice and safely in a local file, updated every time a shop action takes place. No progress lost even if the server crashes!
    • Import shops from other plugins!
    • Refill shops using hoppers with chest linking!
    • Sell and buy items for free! Slabbo lets you set your buy and sell price to zero!
    • Don't want to open the shop to restock? No problem! Simply punch your shop with the item being sold in your hand! Crouch to deposit all items in your inventory!
    • Shop display items are immune to removal from Clearlagg!
    • Want to use upside-down stairs for shops? Go right ahead! Slabbo supports them!
    • Want shops do more than just buy and sell items? Members with the right permissions can add commands to a shop that will execute each time a purchase is made, and can turn keywords into the relevant data! For example, "{user}" will become the name of the player that bought from the shop!
    • A language file that allows for easy editing and translating of the plugin messages and GUI text!
    • Slabbo is FREE! Unlike other plugins, Slabbo doesn't have a limit on the amount of shops a player can have if you don't pay for the premium version.
    • slabbo.use - Lets a player use shops
    • slabbo.create - Lets a player create shops
    • slabbo.admin.toggle - Lets a player create admin shops using /slabbo admin toggle
    • slabbo.limit.<x> - Lets a player create a maximum of x shops.
    • slabbo.limit.* - Lets a player create unlimited shops
    • slabbo.destroy.self - Lets a player destroy their shop with /slabbo destroy
    • slabbo.destroy.others - Lets a player destroy other peoples shops with /slabbo destroy
    • slabbo.modify - Lets a player see help for the Slabbo modification commands
    • slabbo.modify.self.buyprice - Lets a player change the buy price with the modification command
    • slabbo.modify.self.sellprice - Lets a player change the sell price with the modification command
    • slabbo.modify.self.quantity - Lets a player change the quantity with the modification command
    • slabbo.modify.self.note - Lets a player change the sellers note with the modification command
    • slabbo.import - Lets a player import shops from another plugin
    • slabbo.destroy.others - Lets a player use /slabbo destroy to delete other peoples shops
    • slabbo.modify.others.buyprice - Lets a player use /slabbo modify buyprice to modify the buy price of other peoples shops
    • slabbo.modify.others.sellprice - Lets a player use /slabbo modify sellprice to modify the sell price of other peoples shops
    • slabbo.modify.others.quantity - Lets a player use /slabbo modify quantity to modify the quantity of other peoples shops
    • slabbo.modify.others.note - Lets a player use /slabbo modify note to modify the sellers note of other peoples shops
    • slabbo.modify.admin.owner - Lets a player use /slabbo modify owner to change the owner of a shop
    • slabbo.modify.admin.stock - Lets a player use /slabbo modify stock to set the stock of a shop
    • - Lets a player use /slabbo save to save the shops
    • - Lets players use /slabbo info
    • slabbo.reload - Lets players use /slabbo reload
    • - Lets players link chests and shops
    • slabbo.notifyupdate - Shows a player Slabbo update notifications on join
    • slabbo.admin.limit.toggle - Lets a player toggle if an admin shop has a limited stock
    • slabbo.admin.limit.time - Lets a user set the restock time of limited shops
    • slabbo.admin.limit.stock.sell - Lets a user set the sell stock of limited shops
    • - Lets a user set the buy stock of limited shops
    • slabbo.list.all - Lets a player list all shops on the server
    • slabbo.list.self - Lets a player list all their own shops
    • - Lets users edit the buy commands of their own shops
    • - Lets users edit the buy commands of other peoples shops
    • slabbo.shopcommands.edit.self.sell - Lets users edit the sellcommands of their own shops
    • slabbo.shopcommands.edit.others.sell - Lets users edit the sell commands of other peoples shops
    • - Lets users list the buy commands of their own shops
    • - Lets users list the buy commands of other peoples shops
    • slabbo.shopcommands.list.self.sell - Lets users list the sell commands of their own shops
    • slabbo.shopcommands.list.others.sell - Lets users list the sell commands of other peoples shops
    • /slabbo
    • /slabbo destroy
    • /slabbo import
    • /slabbo admin toggle
    • /slabbo admin limit toggle
    • /slabbo admin limit stock buy
    • /slabbo admin limit stock sell
    • /slabbo admin limit time
    • /slabbo modify
    • /slabbo modify buyprice
    • /slabbo modify sellprice
    • /slabbo modify quantity
    • /slabbo modify note
    • /slabbo modify owner
    • /slabbo modify stock
    • /slabbo reload
    • /slabbo info
    • /slabbo list all
    • /slabbo list all radius
    • /slabbo list mine
    • /slabbo list mine radius
    • /slabbo shopcommands add buy
    • /slabbo shopcommands add sell
    • /slabbo shopcommands remove buy
    • /slabbo shopcommands remove sell
    • /slabbo shopcommands list buy
    • /slabbo shopcommands list sell





    WorldGuard Flags
    • slabbo-others-create-shops - Lets users other than the region owner create shops
    • slabbo-others-use-shops - Lets users other than the region owner use shops
    • This plugin requires Vault to be installed.
    • This plugin requires a "Vault Econonomy Provider" plugin to be installed. An examples is Essentials.
    • Make sure your Spigot version is included in the supported versions at the top of the page.
    • Drag the Slabbo.jar file into your plugins folder
    • Restart the server

    Slabbo supports importing from other plugins! To do so, copy the .yml file from the plugin into the Slabbo plugin folder, give it a good name, then use /slabbo import to import it!


    If you've found a bug or need some support, you can contact me on the discussion forums, via GitHub, or via my Discord server!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Naoxia
    Version: 1.0.16


    =====[Google translation]=====

    Because I think this is super suitable for setting up a server shop, so five stars!
    It is highly recommended to use this plug-in for servers that use the 3D model texture pack to arrange beautiful shelves!

    Moreover, GUI can be used in operation, which is really convenient for players.
  2. QQ614401508
    Version: 1.0.15
    This plugin is very nice.
    Can I repost this plugin to MCBBS?
    Rest assured, I will not make a profit for this.
    I will be so moved because more people use this plugin.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response
      Hi! Sorry for taking so long to reply! I'd appreciate if you didn't post Slabbo on McBBS.
  3. Yanward
    Version: 1.0.13
    excellent plugins, very active on the changes and fixes, hope to see how this wonderful plugin evolves to.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response
      Thanks for liking the plugin! If you've got more feedback feel free to contact me!
  4. PhoenixHaven
    Version: 1.0.12
    First a note on the lag. Just having the plugin installed causes an instant .2 tps drop on my server with 3 plugins installed. For anyone saying that this could be a weird compatibility issue or something, these are all plugins that are either Slabbo, or a dependency. The author is even lying about the plugin "saving shops running outside the server thread" maybe causing a bit of lag, no. I didn't have a single shop make, or a slab even placed by a player. Keep in mind that he has had 2 weeks to fix at least some of the lag.

    My second issue is that has little differentiation between UShops and that's an issue. It's great to see a developer updating a plugin and making patches for some things, but there is little differences in the plugin besides less efficient code. All of the basics are the same, right click with a stick to open, gui is the same, and even similar commands.

    My last issue has nothing to do with the plugin but with the author's behavior on UShops. He was constantly complaining to push a 1.16 update which Thirty stated very clearly would take time. He didn't understand that a lot of plugins take time to update, especially one's that were made for an earlier version THEN ported over the later versions, not the other way around like with Slabbo. In the end Mackan got what he wanted and had UShops updated to 1.16, but he's still updating Slabbo driving away business from Thirty.

    Something that I've learned over the years of managing servers is that if you cant afford a plugin or be patient as it updates, then it's not for you as DYI plugins usually have tons of issues.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response

      I'd like you to look at the source code for how I handle the file saving, which is running Asynchronously, which means that it doesn't run on the main thread. (

      The only time that it does save on the main thread is when it gets disabled.

      As for my behaviour on uShops, which you state is that I was constantly complaining about a push to 1.16, I recommend that you don't just take the word for it from the author of UltimateShops.

      While it is true that I asked about it, it was after two or three weeks after spigot 1.16 had been released. As I didn't receive any response from the UltimateShops author, I decided to make my own version, which suits my needs better, and that I can update as needed.

      If you'd like to discuss the issue further, I invite you to my Discord server at
  5. DeFire
    Version: 1.0.9
    has continuously lagged out my server, even when I have optimized it thoroughly. Ultimate shops is a much better plugin, even the free version.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response
      Hi there! The only thing the plugin does that would cause lag is the saving of shops, which, as it runs outside of the main server thread, doesn't affect it very much. If you'd like to discuss the matter further, I'll be more than happy to do so in my Discord server!
  6. Swanky
    Version: 1.0.9
    Could be better wish u can add more than one item on a slab.I would also like if it could on side of blocks for those that like to build.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response
      Hi! I'm not sure what you mean exactly, but I'm more than happy to discuss it further in my Discord server to get your issues resolved!
  7. VQ9
    Version: 1.0.4
    I had a look at this plugin, and I can guarantee, its exactly the same as Ultimate Shop :D. Its great plugin. I own both and they are the same. HOWEVER, as previous reviews have stated, the TPS is worse on this plugin, not as drastic as the review 2 reviews down, but it still has TPS issues compared to Ultimate Shop. I will use Ultimate Shops because I payed for it, but if I didn't pay for it, would probably use this xD. Don't think its plagiarizing, its a great plugin for what it does, but the TPS issues really bring it down. :( otherwise it would be 5 stars. Also, I am going to presume that there will be more bugs than Ultimate Shops as well.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response
      Thnaks for the feedback! I'll work to improve the TPS effects as much as I can!
  8. Snoop_deg
    Version: 1.0.4
    Plugin deserves more attention, glad you made it. Doesn't deserve the hate its getting, it's a very good plugin to use.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the positive review! If you have feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact me!
    Version: 1.0.4
    This is a good plugin, using ACF. Props to my boy, ignore those salty thiryvirus kids.
    1. Mackan90096
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! If you've got suggestions or feedback, don't hesitate to contact me!
  10. Infernos_Realm
    Version: 1.0.4
    lags my server out of existance. cant even use the features of this plugin because i cant even play the game.