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  1. I have returned, have an update

    Sooo, after a small holiday (almost 2 years....) I got back into coding for spigot, so I did this nice little small update to greet you guys with something fun..... As we all need a small cheering up at the moment.

    I have added a new command /thanos (Permission: slap.thanos.use), this command you can choose either: kick, kill or spawns TNT on half of the players of the server. Along with this, you can customise your particles of commands :D

    New config has been appended to the main page, but this is the Thanos snippet.​
    Code (Text):
    ## Thanos ##
    Thanos_Kill_Type: 'KILL' ##KICK OR KILL OR TNT##[/LEFT]
    Thanos_TNT_Power: 5
    [LEFT]Thanos_TNT_Fire: true
    Thanos_TNT_BlockDamage: true
    Thanos_Prefix: '&7[&4Thanos&7] '
    Thanos_all_Message: '&4I am inevitable!'
    Thanos_dead_Message: '&eI dont feel so good!'
    Thanos_deadkick_Message: '&eI dont feel so good!'
    Thanos_deadtnt_Message: '&eI dont feel so good!'

    And due to the changes in how stuff works in 1.13 and above, I have dropped all support for any version below that, though 2.0 does still work for 1.9 - 1.12, but I will not give support for it.
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