Slap Pro 2.3

Slap/Hurt/Freeze/Rocket/Thanos your players into shape!

  1. Vanish, Hug, Cooldowns, Toggle and more placeholders

    Vanish can now be ignored or enabled within config :D
    Hugging was added. /hug <name> (Give someone love)
    Toggling added. /slap toggle <name>
    Cooldowns fixed, so now you can have a cooldown per type.
    Range placeholders added to the range messages.

    Thanks, @Wolf_Boy42 for testing and ideas of toggling, vanish and range :D
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  2. Version checker fix and RGB Colored restone particles

    Sorry for such a soon update, but I wanted to get this one out to fix the REDSTONE particle effect, I missed that you can color them. So this update fixes that along with notifying if there is an update to Slap-Pro, as before it was not working.... like at all.

    This update allows you to use RGB to color the redstone particles, it will throw an error if there is no RGB set.
    Code (Text):
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  3. I have returned, have an update

    Sooo, after a small holiday (almost 2 years....) I got back into coding for spigot, so I did this nice little small update to greet you guys with something fun..... As we all need a small cheering up at the moment.

    I have added a new command /thanos (Permission: slap.thanos.use), this command you can choose either: kick, kill or spawns TNT on half of the players of the server. Along with this, you can customise your particles of commands :D

    New config has been appended to the main...​
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  4. Broadcast messages and fixed /freeze

    Firstly, I forgot to add a remove thing for the /freeze command(which kept the player frozen forever) but that is now fixed now.

    Secondly, @pjt0720 requested to have a broadcast feature to the commands, so that is also added and configurable in the config.

    Lastly, I am aiming for next update to have a togglable fish slap item, to allow players to disable the fish slap item effects on themselves.
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  5. Freeze and Hurt values

    Added the command /Freeze <name>
    This will freeze the target to their position :D

    For now, there is only the freezing, I am hoping to add some more features to this command. But for now, the only new permission to use this command is slap.freeze.use

    Along with this, added the Hurt damage is now configurable
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  6. Added and fixed

    Did a few changes to the code and added a /hurt command, this allows you to hurt the player of your choice at a set hurt amount :p
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  7. Official update for 1.11

    Though there is no change in the code as this will work for 1.11 and any version above 1.9, some people kept asking me if it would work on 1.11. So this is for them people, the next version should be bringing a new feature which I've been working on in my free time at college, so stay tuned for that :D
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  8. More config options

    Added enabling options to:
    Stop push from /slap /rocket and fish slap
    Messages for fish slap
    Fish name change

    (Config has been updated on the main page)

    Sorry about the delay in this update, been kind of busy with college, this may be the last update for a week or two....... depending on how college goes

    P.S I will still give support and bug fix updates if needed :D
  9. Fixes and Citizens Support

    This update now allows NPCs from Citizens to not be able to be slapped, so if you have NPCs on your server, highly recommended to update.

    Fixes for the /slap as before it didnt do the x axis random, now it does.
    Fixed the slapping yourself bug when slapping someone else.

    Added when slapped with a fish, the fish changes to a custom name!

    I've added %Counter% as yet this is not used, so don't use that as of yet.

    Any bugs/fixes or even suggestions are welcome :D
  10. 1.4

    This update fixes a few bugs I somehow missed in 1.3, like the updatechecker.

    Along with the bug fixes, I've added a Fish Slapper.
    Hit a player or mob with a fish it will fish slap them :p
    The permission node is also needed,

    Also with that, /slap now has a random set of ranges that get generated when slapped (instead of the same direction and strength) and messages for slapping player or mob can be enabled or disabled in the config :D

    The updateChecker also now alerts...