SlashRecord - Small Plugin third&last

/record command and customize message for it on really easy way.

  1. RCAnimation
    is plugin which announces to all online players
    that one of the youtubers (players with permission slashrecord.record) is currently recording on the server. Plugin can be customized with /slashrecord.

    Tutorial :)
    -Type "/record" in chat.

    -Done. Your record is shared.
    -Type "/stoprecord" in chat.

    -Done. Your record is stoped.
    -To customize message for "/record" or "/stoprecord" command
    you need to use "/slashrecord" command.

    -After you typed that you need to type next argument:

    -Then next argument is:

    -It should look like this:
    /slashrecord editrecordmessage addline

    Now you need to enter a message:
    /slashrecord editrecordmessage addline This is our message


    -Done. Your message is added. Every time you enter a message
    a new line will be created. To delete last created line use:
    /slashrecord editrecordmessage deletelastline

    Permissions :)
    /record - slashrecord.record
    /slashrecord - slashrecord.slashrecord

    Symbols :)
    & = color symbol.
    %playername = name of recorder.
    %worldname = name of world where is recorder recording.
    %date = real date.
    %time = real time.
    _ = space.

    -Plugin is working properly on Spigotmc 1.7 and
    1.8 versions.

    Thanks to NekrosBurek.​

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  1. Bolean
    Version: third&last
    awesome nice wow .
    1. RCAnimation
      Author's Response
      Thanks :DD!!!