SlashServer 3.0

Use /<Server name> to teleport to the server. Supports delay timer

  1. bloodsplat
    Slash Server
    A simple plugin to allow users to use the command /<servername> to transport them to the server.​
    • Adds a command to your /<server name> which will teleport you to that server instantly.
    • All commands are handled by permissions.
    • All servers in your config get a command each so if you have a server named lobby /lobby will teleport you there.
    • Each server can have a configurable delay before the player is sent there.
    • Custom messages
    Permissions must be set up in the BungeeCord config.yml
    slashserver.[servername] is the permission node and any players you wish to be able to use the command need this permission in bungeecord config.yml most likely under default group

    slashserver.reload allows the player to reload the SlashServer config

    • /<servername> - Transports the player to the server
    • /ssreload - Reloads the SlashServer config.
    The servers in the config have a number next to them, this number is the delay in miliseconds that a player will have to wait before it teleports them.
    Vanilla server in the example will wait 5 seconds before teleporting the player there
    Code (Text):
    Vanilla: 5000
    Paintball: 0
    SkyBlock: 0
    Creative: 0
    Spleef: 0
    Hub: 0
    ALREADY_ON_SERVER: '&cYou are already on that server!'
    TELEPORTING: '&2Teleporting your to the server {name}'
    ALREADY_TELEPORTING: '&cAlready teleporting you to a server'

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Recent Reviews

  1. oldfart
    Version: 3.0
    Basic, very good plugin. No nonsense, works just how I wanted. Thank you. No issues MC 1.18.1
  2. Dupetv
    Version: 3.0
    A feature request here, and thanks.

    Just why not make an aliasses list (like /lobby, /hub for server hub) ? :D

  3. YoDidIQuestionee
    Version: 3.0
    I don't know how to use the /<servername> i tried my server names like /skyblock and it doesn't work
  4. RakutenZetsu
    Version: 3.0
    Works perfectly on 1.15.2 - 1.16.3
    Just install the .jar file in the bungeecord plugins folder and add the permissions to the Bungeecord config.yml and restart the bungeecord server and your done! so Simple!!! Definitely a top plugin!
  5. NicholasHogan
    Version: 3.0
    This plugin works on Minecraft 1.14.4. This plugin does exactly what it claims what it will do. I can add /skyblock, /prison, /dev, /kitpvp and /factions. This plugin will work for you if you need to simplify commands to transfer servers. Great work.

    Nicholas Hogan
  6. o0Julia0o
    Version: 3.0
    That´s useful. A big feature would be, if you could tell, if players could teleport to other servers & FROM WHICH SERVER.

    So it can be possible to go to Hub-Server from Wood-Server, but not form Prison-Server.
  7. Zar0i0
    Version: 3.0
    Amazing plugin!! But you could add slashserver.bypass permission to bypass the delay to players that have this permission?
  8. TheBlueLightning
    Version: 3.0
    Simple yet useful plugin. It also has permissions, which is a good thing. Recommended!
  9. undersquire
    Version: 3.0
    Great but I need help. When I set the perm in config for bungee to slashserver.* it don't work do I need slashserver.(servername)?
  10. Hysan
    Version: 3.0
    Can I do slashserver.* the permission

    Can I ?

    Good plugin

    100 words ......................... ?