Sleep most [1.8 > 1.15.2] configurable messages and percentage 4.2.1

Control the amount of percentage of sleeping players required to make it day

  1. Sleep most 4.2.1 - hotfix for 1.8

    Good day everyone

    This update is a hotfix for 1.8. It was causing errors as there were still some enumerables used that were only as of 1.13.

    Please update to this version if you are below version 1.13.

    Kind regards,

    Mr Q
  2. Sleep most 4.2 - Version Compatibility for 1.8 and higher

    Good day everyone

    This update is nothing more then an update to increase sleep most for compatibility for 1.8 and higher!

    Please note that the stable versions are only confirmed as of 1.13 -> 1.15.

    If you need any help, feel free to join our discord by clicking the button below.

    discord support.png
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  3. Sleep most Tabcompleter, info command, version command, bug fixes

    Good day everyone

    Another release for sleep most. First of all, let me say we already breached the 10 000 milestone, we crossed the 11 000! That is amazing! Thank you all for this amazing support.

    Here are today's updates for sleep most


    You can a new command /bm info to show a list of all the flags and their values set on your world.



    Use the new smart auto tab completer that will assist you...
  4. Flag not existing fix

    Fixes included in this update
    • Whenever a flag doesn't exist, it will result in an error *fixed

    In case you encounter any issues, please reach out to our discord.

    discord support.png
  5. Small bug fix

    Good evening

    A small bug discovered by one of our users, the prefix was causing the prefix to be left with a white space if removed.

    This is now fixed.

    This update is not required but still recommended.
  6. Sleep-most 4.1.1

    Good day all

    I'm happy to say that we reached almost 1000 servers running the plugin at once. That is amazing, big thank you to you all! And you have been waiting for it, sleep-most V4!

    If you were using sleep-most before, chances are big you WILL encounter an error! In that case, delete your old config file and reload your server.

    What has been added?


    exempt flag

    Configure whether your...
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  7. Sleepmost exempt and hotfix

    Good evening everyone

    As requested a new feature to exempt players from being required to sleep is now added to the plugin.

    Also, the latest release had a bug that had to be fixed. Here re the release notes for this version:

    #1 exempt permission added
    If you have the sleepmost.exempt you will no longer be counted as an online player during the sleep. If you go to sleep with the permission, it will still count.

    #2 FIX: double prefix
    Some messages were showing the...
  8. Hide your messages

    Good day everyone

    Another user request has been fulfilled. A request was raised to hide certain messages. So here is a very small list of updates in this feature.

    #1 hide your messages
    If you want some messages not being displayed, you can simply leave the config message entry empty. The plugin will detect that it is empty and will no longer print a message. This also means there will be no empty lines.

    #2 update checker moved to different thread
    If you encounter issues...
  9. Auto update checker

    What has been added

    • Whenever a player with the permission "sleepmost.alerts" joins, that player will be notified if there is a newer version available
    • small improvements to the code
  10. bStats integrated

    Bstats integrated

    Good evening. This 3.3.1 update contains the bStats integration. By adding bstats, I can keep track of the activity of my plugin.

    All the data is completely anonymous and can still be disabled in the bStats/config.yml