Sleep Party 1.2.0

Very flexible player sleep plugin which has several options for configuration.

  1. Saxon564
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Sleep Party is a multi-player, multi-world sleep plugin that tracks how many players are sleeping concurrently and sets the specified worlds' time to 'day' without requiring all players to sleep. This plugin was developed in response to the shortcomings of other popular sleep plugins/datapacks and fixes many of the common issues, particularly on a multi-world server. Plus, most functions are fully configurable.​

    Sleep Party uses a whitelist/blacklist functionality to ignore specific worlds, allows admins to set the number of players who need to sleep to either a hard number or a percentage of online players, and even allows for AFK players to be treated as sleeping. NOTE: Sleep Party does not offer a built-in AFK system and currently requires EssentialsX or AFK+ to use this functionality.

    Admins can create an unlimited list of randomly-selected custom chat messages for each sleep event. The messages can include player name targeting, which means the plugin will substitute the name of the player receiving the message for the <player> tag or substitute a random player name for the <*> tag. Other messages offer a couple other variations specific to the use of the message. Custom message colors are also supported.

    Players can prevent another player from skipping to day if they want it to remain night by kicking all players from their beds.

    Typical Minecraft thunderstorm functionality is also supported, so if the designated number of people sleep during a thunderstorm the weather will be set to clear and the time will change to day.

    Other features include the ability to set the delay (in ticks) between a player sleeping and the actual switch to daytime (default=100), setting the time of day for wakeup in order to create a shorter day, temporarily disabling the plugin in the config file without uninstalling it, and using "/sleepparty reload" to reload the configs after changes.

    Permission nodes included are:
    - SleepParty.*: Gives access to all Sleep Party functions.
    - SleepParty.cancel: Allows players to kick sleepers out of their beds and disables that time skip.
    - SleepParty.disable (defaulted to ops): Allows players to run the command '/sleepparty disable'.
    - SleepParty.reload (defaulted to ops): Reloads the plugin's configuration.

    Big thanks to AdultsOnlyMinecraft for helping clean up the description!
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Recent Reviews

  1. csBlackWolf
    Version: 1.2.0
    This plugin is really working good.
    I use it on my public server and it does what it should do.

    Thanks for your work!
    1. Saxon564
      Author's Response
      I am glad you like it! Thank you for the review!
  2. AdultsOnlyMC
    Version: 1.2.0
    This plugin is awesome! For months I've been struggling with my multi-world server and the inability to find a high-quality sleep plugin that did everything I need it to do. Sleep Party is rock-solid and handles all the requirements of a sleep plugin, plus it has a lot of fun and cool extras that other plugins don't.