SleepFixer ~ One Player Sleep 2.0.2

[1.7-1.18] The most robust 'one-player-sleep' plugin on the platform. Local Difficulty compatible!

  1. v2.0.0

    ... and it's back from the dead! :)
    Welcome to SleepFixer 2.

    • Gone through all of the code and updated it.
    • Fixed SleepFixer not starting on 1.13 and 1.14 servers (caused by having api-version: 1.15).
    • Added phantom timer reset for 1.9+ servers - when a player sleeps, everyone in their world will have their phantom timer reset.
    • Added settings.yml so you may adjust certain settings to your liking.
    • Removed /sleepfixer command - it was unnecessary.
    • SleepFixer now uses the in-built MicroLib library.
    • Significantly improved the Wiki... by a long shot.
    • Added the open-source license GNU AGPL v3.0 to the project.
    • Removed the useless (as of current) compatibility checker, and added support for 1.17 servers.
    • General improvements across the project. Too many to list here. :)

    Note: I have not tested this update. Please let me know if you have any issues via our Discord server, the issue tracker, or a PM to me.
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