SleepFixer 1.2

Only one player needs to sleep to skip the night and clear the weather. Local Difficulty compatible.

  1. lokka30
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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    Notice: This plugin was previously discontinued although I have re-continued it as it is still a bulletproof plugin. There are features I have planned for it but little time to implement them. If you want me to put more time into this plugin, please leave a like or review. Thanks! :)

    Welcome to SleepFixer.
    A drag and drop one-player-sleep solution.


    I frequently play on small private survival servers. When the night comes around, people are saying 'sleep or disconnect', which interrupts our gameplay.
    I've found quite a handful of 'one player sleep' plugins on this platform, but they seem to be bloated with things I don't want or have horrific code. No thanks.

    The basic principle of this plugin is to utilise the server's in-built 'sleeping ignored' option on players. When players join, SleepFixer tells the server to ignore the player from the sleep check system. This means that only one player needs to sleep in a bed, rather than the whole server.

    A handful of the popular One Player Sleep plugins on the platform mess with the world's time, which affects your server's Day count and players' Local Difficulty. Since SleepFixer completely avoids messing with the time, your server won't have this issue.
    Local Difficulty affects the rate of mob spawning in your location. The more you stay in a location, the higher it gets. Plugins which set the time will speed up this process significantly each time which will thus effect the amount of mobs that spawn next to your base.

    SleepFixer will additionally stop rain and thunder when a player enters a bed. If you want this to be toggled, please request it by contacting me (I've posted methods of contacting me below).


    • SleepFixer is a tiny, non-bloated plugin that just does what it says on the tin.
    • It doesn't mess up your local difficulty or day count as almost all other One Player Sleep plugins here do.
    • No config. There's nothing to configure anyways, it's drag and drop.
    • Hardly ever updates. I've seen other OPS plugins have to update tens of times to fix bugs. There are most likely no bugs with SleepFixer.
    • Multiversion compatibility. If you own an ancient server, it should work. But for you, yes you, the one still running Beta 1.7.3, it probably won't work, sorry.

    Feel free to use SleepFixer on whatever server version you want - even 1.2.5 for all I care. I don't guarantee it works on any other version than I support - so I advise not trying this in on the old Beta version where beds were introduced.

    PaperMC, SpigotMC or even CraftBukkit should work fine with SF.
    I support versions 1.7 and above. Servers running older versions will not receive my support and plugin compatibility is not guaranteed for those unsupported versions. Give it a try if you're unsure! :)

    • The best methods:

    • License: Apache 2.0
    • Uses bStats. You can disable the anonymous metrics in the /plugins/bStats folder.
    • Open source on GitHub.

    • lokka30 (author)
    • bStats team (bStats Lib)

    Enjoying my resource? I have a bunch of other plugins which you might want to take a look at :D
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  1. Sam_Diggity
    Version: 1.2-RELEASE
    Great plugin with no issues. There's also no config to deal with, making everything easier. 10/10!
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Thanks again Sam, I appreciate it! :)