SleepNow 1.1

Are many players sleeping? We can skip night!

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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    - Allows you to skip the night if a certain number of people are sleeping on the server at the same time.
    - Displays in chat how many players it takes to skip the night.
    - Displays a message in the chat when the required number of players are gathered, and the night is skipped.

    How does the plugin work?
    - The night is skipped, provided that a certain number of players are sleeping at the moment. This number is determined depending on the total number of players on the server. If the server has more than eight players, but less than 60, then these players are divided by 3 (and rounded down), and the resulting number will mean how many players are needed to skip the night. If there are more than 60 players, then the players are divided by 4. If there are less than eight players, then one person is enough to skip the night.

    settings.yml file:
    - Configures the output of messages to the chat.
    - Changes the language of the chat output.
    - If you have a non-default world name, enter your world name in the settings file.
    Languages (or if you need just change chat text) for the plugin can be added along the path "plugins/SleepNow/language/you_language.yml", similar to the "sleepnow_en.yml" file (which will be created after the first launch of the plugin).

    Standard and additional languages can be downloaded here (or create yourself):

    A similar plugin already exists, but either it is not Open Source, or it is for another version of Minecraft, so I decided to write my own. This is also my first plugin, and if you run into bugs or just want to fix the code, please visit the plugin's GitHub page.

    *plugin has not been tested on a server with more than four players. Keep this in mind.
    *sorry if the description is weirdly written. Google Translate made it.

Recent Updates

  1. added "world-name" setting