Sleezy Antibot B2.0.4 STABLE

Block bots without affecting player's gameplay with captchas.

  1. Update #4

    Backwards compatibility is here! 1.8-1.13 now works. I will also call it stable enough to be used on live servers. Configs may change but not much so we should be good to go.
  2. Update #3

    Lockdown has been added, alongside the command /sleezy lockdown.

    *You must reset your configs or you WILL run into errors*
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  3. Update #2

    Two things were done in this update. We have updated the math behind the anti-bot to make it more accurate. You may need to adjust your player-cache or join-multiplier settings if you have a lot of player joins.

    Verbose now works and allows us to see all the info that the plugin is using to calculate the threat rating.

    I suggest you reset your configs to get the updated settings, if you don't you may run into issues with false detection.
  4. Update #1

    I increased functionality of the message by adding all accounts on a users IP to the notify message.

    Also I added a verbose config setting that doesn't work yet but once it's working you can use it for debugging and fine tuning your settings.

    Haha! We have officially recoded to java. No more skript. Everything has changed from the ground up and this is beta edition. We are missing some features but the core features are done.

    By switching from skript to java we can improve performance, add more to the plugin, and most importantly, make it better and easier to use.

    I now offer support at

    *NOTE* This is a beta version, it can and will have issues, feel free to report them. I'd suggest...
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  6. Partner Update

    Updated to my hosting company TorchNode: also updated the link in the info command.
  7. Chat filter update

    I forgot to add the cache clearer so there may have been MAJOR bugs in the last version, I am extremely sorry about that!

    I have recoded the entire system to calculate the playtime and server threat level into the equation providing a more accurate check. The system works fairly well with my own tests. This may make it more easily bypassed but I'd rather bots bypassing then players being falsely banned.

    This system is MUCH more accurate at detecting chat spam bots.
  8. Chat filter

    This chat filtering system is designed to catch repeated messages (IE. Bots spamming something in chat) and completely ignores random numbers so that current bypasses aren't considered. This has not been fully tested but I left the sensitivity settings relatively low so that it won't detect players. (5 different players would have to say the same thing in less then 5 seconds) Then it only bans the next person to say it currently.
  9. Out of beta

    I was finally able to test it again, fixed a bug in the coding and improved how it calculated the server threat level. Successfully deflected a bot attack using SOCKS5 proxies and activated lockdown mode, preventing any more then 10 bots from trying to join.