Slender 2.5

Play Slender in Minecraft

  1. david_rosales
    Picture yourself playing the actual Slender game. Traversing a map, looking for notes, looking behind your back, and looking in Slenderman's eyes. Now, picture yourself doing this in... Minecraft!


    Download has been moved from Bukkit to Spigot for further updates!
    Upon joining an arena, you will be given blindness (limiting your visibility) and slowness (limiting your speed). Then you will be in search of a custom set number of notes all the while avoiding a custom named Enderman as the monster.
    Create an unlimited amount of arenas and maps for all players on your server to enjoy!

    * /Slender - Shows all the Slender commands that a player has access to
    * /Slender Join - Shows all the available occupied and non-occupied Slender arenas
    * /Slender Join (ArenaName) - Joins the specified arena if not occupied
    * /Slender Quit - Quits the arena a player is currently occupying

    (The commands below are accessed with the permission "slender.create")
    * /Slender Create (ArenaName) (MonsterName) - Creates an arena with the spawnpoint at the player's location with the custom monster name
    * /Slender AddNote (ArenaName) - Adds a note at the player's location for the specified arena
    * /Slender ClearNotes (ArenaName) - Clears all notes for the specified arena
    * /Slender Remove (ArenaName) - Deletes the specified arena

    *slender.slender [Adds basic access to /Slender (I recommend giving everyone this permission)]

    * slender.join
    * slender.quit
    * slender.create


    To install the plugin onto your server...
    1. Stop your server
    2. Drag and drop the plugin into your plugins folder
    3. Start your server
    4. Configure the config.yml and in-game arenas to your liking
    5. Reload the server
    6. Enjoy!

    The config file will look as below when you first reload or install with the new version.
    Code (Text):

    reward: 100
    Change the value from 100 to any number of your liking to reward that player with the in game money using Vault if also installed.

    This plugin absolutely depends on the following:
    * None (as of yet)

    This plugin soft-depends on the following (not needed for the plugin to work but adds features):
    * Vault (for currency rewards purposes)

    Video Tutorial

    Future Plans
    * Add the "Note" system
    * Add rewards by hooking into Vault [optional]
    * Add difficulty
    * Add more reward types
    * Add reward per specific arena/difficulties
    * Join an arena under a specific difficulty

    Message From The Developer
    Hello everybody! I have finally had the time to fully develop my Slender plugin into the real deal! Thanks for all who downloaded it when it was "less than great". This version is much better than the previous one so... Download it and have fun! If you really like the plugin, comment on this page to show your appreciation! :D It means a lot, If you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest them. If you notice, my "Future Plans" section is extremely small. If you are feeling extra generous and would like to keep development of Slender to continue, click on the Donate button found to the top right above the search bar. So once again, THANKS EVERYONE

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Recent Reviews

  1. thatmadhacker
    Version: 2.5
    i cant even use it I go to join a arena and it says the arena is not loaded even though I'm next to it and you cant load it with commands
  2. redpower35
    Version: 2.5
    Very good plugin but if the map is too large , pages despawns
    and pages spawn pages per pages but thats can be scary with a ressource pack ;)