Slendssentials 2015-08-23

A custom essentials, if you're sick of essentials

  1. shieken

    What is it? Slendssentials is an essentials plugin I'm creating, that allows users to use basic essentials commands in a simple plugin.

    Advantages Over Essentials: You have all in one—no slendssentials spawn, or slendssentials protect!

    Version: This version I'm posting is just an Alpha build—it's not really ready for full use, but many commands are working fine in it ;)

    Slendssentials still needs the following features so I can get it out of Alpha :D

    • All commands in it, including ban, mute, kick, enchant, etc.
    • All commands to be compatible with console—currently if you try to use most commands on console (with the exception of a few such as /op and /deop), it'll print a fat stacktrace :p
    • More configurable—I'm thinking of adding in all messages fully configurable
    • I made the give command in this version—about half way through :O. I'll have it complete in the next version

    I mentioned this in the spoiler, and I will mention it again. Almost all commands do not work from console. Remember, this is a test build, and now isn't the time to judge—1.1 is the time to judge ;)
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