SlimyEnchantsBasics 1.0

Added custom enchantments to your server! Ex: Flight, AutoSmelt, ect. Minecraft 1.8

  1. Creepers
    This Plugin requires: SlimyEnchantsAPI

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    This is an enchantment plugin adding new enchantments to your Minecraft server!
    To get and use these enchantments you can use a command or get them in an enchanting table, there are permissions (if enabled in config). Permissions ONLY work if Vault is installed with a compatible permission manager, otherwise defaults to Operator (OP).

    • AntiMobs - Protects you from monsters (Disables them from attacking the player), goes on All Armor, and all tools/weapons.
    • Blindness - Gives enemy attacking you (Player) Blindness effect or the enemy (Player) you attack (with sword). Goes on armor or weapon.
    • Drunk - Gives enemy attacking you (Player) Nausea effect or the enemy (Player) you attack (with sword). Goes on armor or weapon.
    • Eluminator - Makes a player become a light source. Goes on Weapons, Armor, and Tools.
    • Flight - Allows a player to fly, takes durability while player is flying. Goes on Armor.
    • JumpBoost - Gives a player jump boost effect. Goes on Armor.
    • NightVision - Give a player night vision effect. Goes on Armor.
    • Regeneration - Gives player regeneration effect. Goes on Armor.
    • Slowness - Gives enemy attacking you (Player) Slowness effect or the enemy (Player) you attack (with sword). Goes on armor or weapon.
    • Soulbound - Returns item to you on death, also prevents droping. Goes on Armor, Tools, and Weapons.
    • SpeedBoost - Gives player speed effect. Goes on Armor.
    • Venom - Gives enemy attacking you (Player) Poison effect or the enemy (Player) you attack (with sword). Goes on armor or weapon.
    • Waterbreathing - Gives player water breathing effect. Goes on Armor.
    • Withering - Gives enemy attacking you (Player) Wither effect or the enemy (Player) you attack (with sword). Goes on armor or weapon.


    {} = required, [] = optional

    - /slimyenchants book [Player] (/SE book [Player]) - Gives the player running command a written book explaining all Enchantments.
    - /slimyenchants list (/SE list) - Lists all enchantments.
    - /slimyenchants enchant {enchantment} [Level] (/SE enchant {enchantment} [Level]) - Enchants the item held in hand with the specified Custom Enchantment name
    • slimyenchants.basics.*
    • slimyenchants.basics.enchant.*
      • slimyenchants.basics.enchant - Allows you to enchant item
      • slimyenchants.basics.enchant.others - Allows you to enchant item for other player
      • - allows you to run book command
      • - allows you to run book command for other players

    • slimyenchants.basics.list - lists all enchantments.
    • slimyenchants.basics.enchantments.*
      • slimyenchants.basics.enchantments.[enchantmentName] - allows a player to use that enchantment
    Note: you may also negate a permission (-slimyenchants.basics.enchantments.Flight), removes permission

    Code (Text):
    Will add config once I get a chance

    • Add a few more enchantments like; AutoSmelt, Beheading, ect.
    • Post your ideas I would LOVE to hear them (Well read them.)
    This Plugin requires: SlimyEnchantsAPI

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    Version: 1.0
    Link download SlimyEnchantsAPI erorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! !
  2. horse2950
    Version: 1.0
    Very awesome, great plugin to see what the API is capable of. Remember to get the API before attempting to run this plugin ;) after that everything works amazing, my players love it :3 keep up the great work @Creepers!
    1. Creepers
      Author's Response
      Thanks again, glad you enjoy the plugins.