SlipStuff >> [1.12 > 1.16.x] 0.1.9

A new addition to minecraft!

  1. SlipStuff >> More configuration + Join and Leave changes + New Developer Mode + Bug fixes

    New Additions:
    More Configuration in the config.yml. This includes toggleable Join and Quit messages, Join server name, Plugin Name customization is now in effect all over the plugin.

    Join and leave changes. This includes a toggleable join and quit message.
    Developer Mode This is a major change since people with the permission 'slipstuff.command.developermode.true' will get a notification when something changes within the plugin (Coming in a future release.) DevMode in config.yml has to be set to true for this to work.

    Vanish. Doing /vanish with the permission 'slipstuff.command.vanish' now allows you to not be seen by your players. (THIS FEATURE IS VERY EXPERIMENTAL. IF YOU COME ACROSS ANY BUGS REPORT THEM ASAP.)

    A reported fly bug has now been resolved!
    A reported god bug has been resolved!
    An issue with the join and leave console spam has now been resolved.
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