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    This version includes a few new features:
    A Full Server Slot Bypass
    Anti Phrase/Word blocker
    Auto Update Checker
    New Start and Stop messages for the plugin

    Full Server Bypass:
    This allows you to connect to your server by bypassing the maximum slots of players. You can grant this to any rank/player by giving them the command 'slipstuff.bypass.fullserver'. For this to work, you need to change serverfullkick to true in the config.yml.
    Anti Phrase/Word Blocker:
    This allows you to block any phrase or word in existence. This will help you out massively if you want to ban swearing, NSFW links, or racist messages. Any players who are OPed or have the permission slipstuff.admin.antiphrasereports will get a message saying "SpigotMan123 used a blocked word/phrase!" To allow a player to bypass the blocked checker give them the permission slipstuff.bypass.antiphrase. This will allow them to bypass the filter without a hitch!! To activate this change blockedwords to true and specify the words/phrases you want to be blocked in the Blocked-Words: section.
    Auto Update Checker:
    This will give you a notification when a new version of the plugin is available! This would say either "There is a new update available." or "There is not a new update available." There is no bypass or permission needed for this.
    S&S Messages:
    You will get a new colo(u)rful message when the plugin enables or disables in the console. There is no bypass or permission needed for this.
    Bug Fixes:
    Fixed an issue with /ssi or slipstuffhelp where only half of the help command would send.
    Any issues?
    Join my support group for help:!
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