SlitherEconomy 1.0

Addon for SlitherMC

  1. Lupe
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This addon is for SlitherMC. It´s added Economy to game. You can buy Small Potion of Length. On drink adds 10 points of length
    Command is /shop
    Permissions aren´t :D
    - Skript
    - SkQuery
    - SlitherMC (For skript) -

    Do you want to have More Skripts?

    Donator will earn more Skripts and they will have access the locked section that will be on my future site and then they will can download experimentals, Specials and Beta PREMIUM Skripts!
    You must donate at least 3$ to become DONATOR!
    To donate write your nick on the spigot and we'll talk.
    If you havent got 3$, nevermind. You can just send for example 1$ and then send 2$. it does not have to be at once!
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