Slot Machine 5.10.3

Slot Machines - Includes CS:GO/Rocket League types - Highly Customizable

  1. Klemms
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Languages Supported:
    English, French
    1.13 version : Download 5.10.3
    1.9/1.10/1.11/1.12 version : Download 5.10.3

    1.8 is not supported

    Click here to see all versions

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    NEW 5.9 Feature : Slot Machines can now have different Tokens !

    Dependencies :
    • Vault (If you wish to use money as a currency)
    • MenuBuilder - Not needed for 1.13 builds (Included, License available here)
    • Any Economy Plugin that works with Vault (like Essentials) (If you wish to use money as a currency)
    Supported Plugins :
    • PlayerPoints : PlayerPoints is supported as a currency for Slot Machines
    • TokensManager : TokensManager is supported as a currency for Slot Machines
    You can switch between the usual Slot Machine visual or the CSGO-Wheel visual using the Magic Wand !

    Note : If someone wants to make a video explaining how Slot Machine works, I'd be happy about it

    Usage :

    To create a Slot Machine :

    1. Right click with a Blaze Rod on any entity or block
    2. Click on the "Create a Slot machine" button in the chat
    3. This should bring up new buttons in the chat that you can use to customize your Slot Machines
    4. Some options are only available through each Slot Machine files (plugins/SlotMachine/machines/)
    5. Click on the "Slot Machine Informations" button to get the Slot Machine UUID (used in some commands and in the machine's file name)

    • Right Clicking any entity or block with a Blaze Rod shows clickable buttons in the chat
    • Adding and Setting items for a Slot Machine will give you another wand, right click a chest with items in it with this wand to add the items to the Slot Machine
    • Don't forget to read Wands descriptions
    • To give money as a prize in the slot machine, rename a Name Tag as a number and add it to the Slot Machine
    • Example : Renaming a name tag to '52' will give 52$ to the player when winning this prize
    • You can change the 'Permission Denied', 'Not Enough Money' and 'Good Luck' strings in the config file
    • You can change each Slot Machine's item weight in the config file
    • Weight affects the probability of an item to be won
    • Weight doesn't affect the probability of an item to be seen in a Slot Machine
    • Players can use Money or Tokens to play, more informations about Tokens can be found here
    Commands :
    • /slotmachine : Gives you the 'Slot Machine Magic Wand'
    • /openmachine <Player Name> <Machine UUID> : Opens a Slot Machine for a player (you can get a Machine's UUID with the Magic Wand)
    • /tpmachine <Entity UUID> : Teleports a Slot Machine to your current location (Only works for entity Slot Machines)
    • /slotmachinetoken list : Brings up a GUI that lets you manage your Tokens
    • /slotmachinetoken add <Token name> : Adds the currently held item as a new Token, to replace the default Token, use 'default' as a name
    • /givetokens <Player Name> <Amount of Tokens> [Token Name]: Gives the player the amount of tokens, omitting the name will bring up a GUI to pick a Token

    Placeholders : Placeholders can be used in all messages and in the levers titles and descriptions

    • $player > Adds the player's name
    • $balance > Adds the player's balance (Changes based on the Machine currency type)
    • $price > Adds the Slot Machine's price
    • $items > Adds the number of items in the Slot Machine
    • $machineName > Adds the Slot Machine name (formatted)
    • $chanceToWin > Adds the Slot Machine chance to win
    • $newline > Creates a new line (can only be used in levers descriptions)
    • $tmTokensPlayer > Adds the player's TokensManager tokens (Only work if the plugin TokensManager is installed)
    • $tokenName > Adds the requested Token name to pay (Slot Machine Token)
    • $tkens > Adds the amount of Tokens the user has in his inventory

    Permissions :
    • slotmachine.slotmachine > Permission to use /slotmachine
    • slotmachine.machineedit > Permission to use the Slot Machine Maker tools
    • slotmachine.access.default > Permission to access the Slot Machines that have the default permission
    • slotmachine.access.X > Permission to access the Slot Machines that have X as their permission
    • slotmachine.givetokens > Permission to use the command /givetokens
    • slotmachine.tokenmanagement : Permission to use the command /slotmachinetoken and its subcommands

    Now Supports Languages :

    • Set the language in the config.yml (must be upper case)
    • Natively supported languages are ENGLISH and FRENCH
    • You can add your own translation in by copying the ENGLISH.txt or FRENCH.txt file and pasting it in the lang folder of the plugin, rename it to your language name and start editing what you want
    • You can also just add the sentences you want to change, the plugin will take the english language to fill the missing sentences
    • You can edit the already existing ENGLISH.txt and FRENCH.txt files but it is not recommended as they'll get overwritten with almost every update
    • The 'version=1' is not necessary for custom languages

    Videos :

    Community-made video :

    • New CSGO-Wheel visual :

    Report issues here


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Recent Reviews

  1. ekoro
    Version: 5.10.3
    Found a bug where anytime the server reloads/restarts NPCs with mob skins (only tested on parrot) will completely delete their slot machine. Works fine on blocks, player skin npcs.
  2. ElfWizard
    Version: 5.9.4
    Works wonders with the update. Would recommend to anyone wanting a slot machine plugin that can be applied to a block.
  3. ElfWizard
    Version: 5.9.3
    Great plugin but has a bug where sometimes the 3 slot machine will show all the same items but you don't get anything. Apart from that, i would recommend this for any server.
  4. crispyklown81
    Version: 5.9.3
    This is an amazing plugin!!! Very easy to use, me and my son love it!!! Keep up the great work!!!
  5. nobodypromi
    Version: 5.9.1
    Where can i get a working version of menubuilde for pre 1.11? I can't use the plugin without...
  6. AccioAce
    Version: 5.8.1
    This is actually a really good feature. I highly recommend using it for fun and in community's
  7. ManiacBuilder
    Version: 5.8.1
    Awesome plugins quite different from the others i have seen, is there any way to change /slotmachine to something else ? /machine for example ?
  8. Skilith
    Version: 5.8.1
    I love this Plugin! its so much fun and it works with Tokens and Money! I can change the look to CSGO or even Rocket league Layout! 7/5 if its possible!
  9. Kudu
    Version: 5.8.1
    PLEASE HELP! Why whenever I click the blaze rod nothing happens? Can you please, please let me know how to fix this!
  10. IndianaBonez
    Version: 5.7.3
    I've been using this for around a month or more now and all I can say is, what a great plugin! My players love it!

    Author always updates issues, adds extra features asap and replies super fast. I would recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to add a great plus feature to their server.

    Excellent! I'd give more stars if I could :)