Slot Machine 5.9.4

Slot Machines - Includes CS:GO/Rocket League types - Highly Customizable

  1. Bug Fixes and some minor new features

    Slot machine update 5.9.4

    New Features :

    + Added an option to turn a mob's sounds on and off (New Slot Machines will be silent by default)
    + The '$balance' variable now changes its value based on the Slot Machine payment type (Money/Tokens/PlayerPoints/TMTokens)
    + Added a new '$tkens' variable which shows the amount of Tokens in the player's inventory

    Changes and Bug Fixes :

    * Fixed one occurence of a bug where...
  2. Added compatibility for TokenManager 3 - Fixed a SlotMachine Token bug


    + Added compatibility for TokenManager 3


    + Added command /smsavetodisk to force SlotMachine to write any change to disk (Permission : slotmachine.slotmachine)
    * Fixed Tokens type not saving after restarting/reload
  3. Bug fix

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash when creating a machine on a block
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  4. Multiple Tokens and Bug Fixes

    If you have questions, bug reports or requests regarding this update or Slot Machine, please use the dicussion tab

    Important Note : Slot Machine now requires MenuBuilder to work
    Multiple Tokens
    • You can now have unlimited tokens...
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  5. Fixed issues

    * Fixed custom win and loss message showing at the same time
    * Fixed an issue with AnimatedMenu
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  6. Added Item Name and Luck effect support

    + Item Name can be displayed after the win or loss message (config.yml)
    + Default Loss and Win messages can now be set in config.yml
    + Chance to win can be affected by the Luck or Bad Luck effect, this can be turned on per machine, by default 1 level of luck or bad luck equals +12.5% or -12.5%, this can be changed in config.yml
    * Fixed an issue where right clicking an entity while looking at a block would bring both the Entity and Block Machine menu
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  7. Added target selector

    + The target selector '@a' can now be used for the command /givetokens

    Code (Text):
    /givetokens @a 5
    Will give 5 tokens to everyone
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  8. Fixed exception in console

    * Fixed an exception in the logs related to the update checker
  9. Quick fix

    * Fixed tokens not saving
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  10. NEW : Slot Machines on BLOCKS !

    + Slot Machines can now be created on blocks
    + Slot Machine will prevent the block from being destroyed, though you can change the block using World Edit or by changing the "locked" property to false in the machine file

    Slot Machines on blocks work the same way as regular slot machines