SlotGambling 1.1.1

Create slot machines inside your server

  1. relampagorojo93
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Languages Supported:
    Test it here (Spanish server)

    Welcome to SLOT GAMBLING resource
    Ever you dreamed with have slot machines in your server? Here you have the needed plugin. For people who knows of all the slot machine plugins, yes, it's a copy of the Casino Slots, but why? I wanted to create my own slot machine plugin, but also I know that this type of plugins are outdated and full of errors, and the developers of this plugins doesn't want to update their plugins. For that, I made this one, compatible with the most part of versions, and made more well than the other plugins, preventing the possible problem of bugs. Also this plugin is not a copy of the original code, all is made from zero searching the most accurated and efficient code possible (It took aproximately 2 days to make this, so, it's common that there's any bug that I didn't see in the plugin. If there's a bug, please contact me via PM).

    Original plugin: Casino Slots made by graywolf336

    How it works?
    Create your slot machines using the commands. Remember to follow the instructions given during the creation process. Also manage the slot machines, removing, loading, unloading the machines to configure them. Edit their configurations in the machines folder, and put your own blocks, rewards and win message. Remember that this plugin is not made against bugs, so, any thing out of the normal configuration can crash the plugin. Remember to unload and load the machine after editing its content.

    Tip: Left click a lever to get the machine information, like the price and the rewards of every block.

    Remember: This plugin for the moment only uses the middle line. The other lines aren't configured yet.

    Alias: SlotGambling, sg
    - /sg list * Get all the loaded machines
    - /sg create (file name) * Create a new machine
    - /sg load (file name) * Load a machine
    - /sg unload (file name) * Unload a machine
    - /sg remove (file name) * Remove a machine
    - /sg reload * Reload the plugin
    - /sg info * Get info of the plugin

    SlotGambling.Reload * Get access to the reload command
    SlotGambling.List * Get access to the list command
    SlotGambling.Create * Get access to the create command
    SlotGambling.Load * Get access to the load command
    SlotGambling.Unload * Get access to the unload command
    SlotGambling.Remove * Get access to the remove command
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Recent Reviews

  1. MelaniumAS
    Version: 1.1.1
    Por favor actualiza el plugin, prometo cambiar mi revision a 5 estrellas
    pero actualizalo a las ultimas version de Minecraft.
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      Tengo que mirar de reencontrar el codigo fuente del plugin. Hace tiempo que no manejo el SlotGambling, ya que tiene complejidad como otros plugins, y al trabajar solo no es facil lidiar con esta faena, asi que serĂ¡ algo complicado
  2. 56k
    Version: 1.1.1
    I've been looking for a replacement for casino slots and this is it. The only thing I would request is to be able to reward items as well as money.
  3. WMGameLive
    Version: 1.1.1
    This plugin is awesome!
    Will you update this plugin to 1.13?
    The slot machine will not stop when running in 1.13.
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      I'm very busy trying to find a new server to work and I'm doing some applies, but after having it more stable, I'll be able to update it to 1.13.