Slowmode V1.2

Twitch slowmode, interval between being able to send message

  1. lucasouwens
    Slowmode is a plugin that makes server lag less due to limiting messages per time, it can also limit spam and other troubling messaging. What it does is that each time you send a message you will not be able to send another message for the time given in the configuration, the configuration is also very easy to use!

    Command | Function | Permission
    slowmode enable | Enable slowmode | slowmode.enable
    slowmode disable | Disable slowmode | slowmode.disable
    slowmode reload | Reload the plugin | slowmode.reload

    Other permissions:
    slowmode.* : all slowmode permissions
    slowmode.bypass : bypass slowmode

    You have a configuration to change the cooldown time (it is in seconds)
    Code (Text):
    cooldown: 7
    this is default setup config, you can change it however you like!


    1. Slowmode.png

Recent Updates

  1. Updated to 1.9
  2. Configuring update
  3. Permission change

Recent Reviews

  1. Subscribed
    Version: 1.01
    Works perfectly, although it would be nice to be able to customize messages as thats not available right now.
    1. lucasouwens
      Author's Response
      Good idea! i'll work on that when i learn more about configs, i am currently working on another language file so it will take a while :)