SmackedEnchant 1.2.8

Change the maximum enchant level based on permission.

  1. ZIHARK17
    SmackedEnchant can change the maximum level of enchantment per user based on permission.

    • Ensure player does not have enchantment over their limit.
    • Different maximum level for each enchantment type.
    • Will scale enchantment from the enchanting table.
    • Can combine higher enchantment in the anvil.
    1. Download jar and put it in your plugins folder.
    2. Restart the server.
    3. Edit the configuration.
    4. Reload the configuration with /smackedenchant reload or restart the server.
    You can use /smackedenchant or /se
    - Show the list of command.
    /smackedenchant reload - Reload configuration.
    /smackedenchant addmax <group> - Add maximum enchantment from a group to the held item.
    /smackedenchant group [group] - List the enchantment groups or show info about a specific group.
    /smackedenchant mygroup - Show your enchantment group.
    /smackedenchant debug - Print debug information of the held item to the server console.​


    smackedenchant.reload - Reload command.
    default: op

    smackedenchant.addmax - AddMax command.
    default: op - Group command.
    default: op

    smackedenchant.mygroup - MyGroup command.
    default: op

    smackedenchant.notify - Players with this permission get notified when an item is adjusted.
    default: op

    smackedenchant.debug - Debug command.
    default: op

    smackedenchant.scale - Players with this permission will get scaled enchant up to their max level from the enchantment table.
    default: everyone

    smackedenchant.anvil - Players with this permission can combine item with higher enchant in the anvil.
    default: everyone

    description: Disable plugin functionality for a player.
    default: nobody

    smackedenchant.limit.default - Give permission for the default enchant limit to everyone.
    default: everyone

    smackedenchant.limit.server_operator - Give permission for the op enchant limit to operator.
    default: op

    smackedenchant.limit.<group_name> - Give permission for a custom created enchant limit.
    Code (Text):

    # SmackedEnchant Configuration

    # Delay for the armor check task in tick (20 tick = 1 sec).
    # This task check the armor of every players.
    # Set to 0 to disable
    armorTaskDelay: 100

    # Delay for the held item check task in tick (20 tick = 1 sec).
    # This task check the item in hand of every players.
    # Set to 0 to disable
    heldItemTaskDelay: 60

    # Delay between permissions check to find enchant group for players in tick (20 tick = 1 sec).
    # Minimum 80
    enchantLimitUpdateTaskDelay: 200

    # Set to false to disable adjustment of item with level over maximum.
    # If set to false, the armor task and held item task are automatically disabled.
    # The enchantment table and anvil functionality will still work.
    adjustItems: true

    # Scale enchantment table enchants with the players maximum.
    # Player need permission: smackedenchant.scale
    scaleEnchant: true

    # Enable Anvil support
    # Player need permission: smackedenchant.anvil
    anvilSupport: true

    # Scan every item in the inventory when the player join and adjust illegal item.
    checkFullInventoryAndEnderchestOnPlayerJoin: true

    # Define the limit for enchantment level.
    # Use '.inf' for no limit. ('default: .inf')
      # ***IMPORTANT*** Do not change the default group! ***IMPORTANT***
      # perm: 'smackedenchant.limit.<name>'
      # Ex : 'smackedenchant.limit.smacked'
      # This one is given to everyone by default.
        # Highest priority group is used.
        priority: 0
        # The maximum number of enchantment allowed. Default to infinite.
        maxNumberOfEnchantment: .inf
        # The maximum total enchantment level an item can have. Default to infinite.
        maxTotalOfEnchantmentLevel: .inf
        # Default max level for undefined enchantment.
        default: 5
        # Add enchantment here lower case bukkit name. They override the default max.
        arrow_damage: 5
        arrow_fire: 1
        arrow_infinite: 1
        arrow_knockback: 2
        damage_all: 5
        damage_arthropods: 5
        damage_undead: 5
        depth_strider: 3
        dig_speed: 5
        durability: 3
        fire_aspect: 2
        frost_walker: 2
        knockback: 2
        loot_bonus_blocks: 3
        loot_bonus_mobs: 3
        luck: 3
        lure: 3
        mending: 1
        oxygen: 3
        protection_environmental: 4
        protection_explosions: 4
        protection_fall: 4
        protection_fire: 4
        protection_projectile: 4
        silk_touch: 1
        thorns: 3
        water_worker: 1
      # You need to add the permission if you want player to have this group
      # permission: 'smackedenchant.limit.players'
      # Exemple group, change this one instead of the default one, or create your own.
        priority: 10
        maxNumberOfEnchantment: .inf
        maxTotalOfEnchantmentLevel: .inf
        default: 10
        priority: 100
        default: .inf
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