SmallFeatures 1.0.2

Add some simple features to the normal game

  1. CommunistDoctor
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    • 1.15
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    Whatever you want
    SmallFeatures is a simple plugin that add some simple features to the normal game

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    gamemode commands and fly command

    with editable messages in the config.yml file


    gmc : change to gamemode creative

    gms : change to gamemode survival

    gma : change to gamemode adventure

    fly : enable/disable fly

    Info: see some informations about the server

    smallfeatures: see informations about the plugin

    smallfeatures-reload: reload configs

    sf-reload: reload configs(alias of smallfeatures-reload)

    [​IMG] : access to the three gamemode commands : access to the fly command

    smallfeatures.reload: access to reload commands

    smallfeatures.smallfeatures: acceess to smallfeatures command access to info command

    If you find any bugs or issues, please tell me it.



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