SmallPets beta-6.1

Pets with abilites [1.12 - 1.17]

  1. SmallCode
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    German, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, French
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    This plugin adds pets with abilities which can be leveled up to upgrade the ability.

    For more information look at the wiki.

    I recommend using the plugin with protocollib!


    %smallpets_unlocked% How many pets the user has unlocked
    %smallpets_selected% Which pet a user has selected
    %smallpets_registeredPets% How many pets are registered

    %smallpets_PETTYPE_level% The level of the pet
    %smallpets_PETTYPE_exp% Exp of the pet
    %smallpets_PETTYPE_required_exp% Exp required for the next level
    %smallpets_PETTYPE_exp_all% All exp which the pet has collected
    %smallpets_PETTYPE_progressbar% The progressbar of the pet

    Replace PETTYPE with the type of the pet from which you want to get the stats


    smallpets | smallpets.dontUseInventory to not be able to use it

    smallpets discord

    smallpets donate

    smallpets select TYPE

    smallpets admin pettypes| smallpets.pettypes or smallpets.*

    smallpets admin savelanguages | smallpets.savelanguages or smallpets.*

    smallpets admin givepet USER TYPE | smallpets.givepet or smallpets.*

    smallpets admin giveunlockitem USER TYPE | smallpets.giveunlockitem or smallpets.*

    smallpets admin removePet USER TYPE | smallpets.removepet or smallpets.*

    smallpets admin reload ALL/CONFIG/LANGUAGE | smallpets.reload or smallpets.*

    smallpets admin giveexp USER TYPE EXP | smallpets.giveexp or smallpets.*

    smallpets admin setlevel USER TYPE LEVEL | smallpets.setlevel or smallpets.*


    To install the plugin just simply drag the jar file into your plugins folder.
    After the server started once a folder will be created in which a config is located in, where you can change the xp multiplier.




    To see the current progress and ideas look at the trello board.

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Recent Updates

  1. Added support for 1.17
  2. SmallPets beta-6 update
  3. Bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. xxpontefirmexx
    Version: beta-6.1
    100/10 The best plugin for your server! I think it needs more pets but it is fantastic!
  2. Trucho
    Version: beta-5.0.7
    I see a big future in this plugin! make it more configurable and this is the best pets plugin
  3. SoyVinagrito
    Version: beta-5.0.7
    Pls help, i found a bug when i give me a pet and i click it on the gui appears the message telling i have equiped the pet but i don't see any pet.
  4. Peacemun
    Version: beta-5.0.7
    Great concept and active/supportive Developer SmallCode. The plugin looks great but is early days. Be sure you know what your downloading.
    You are unable to limit world access for the pets so they may get in the way. This is down for a future update so i look forward to this.
    The pets are limited atm only a selection. Again this is to be updated in the future.
    The GUI and colors are great with pets like Tiger. The upgrade give suttle improvments to the owner which is great to not be overpowered. I cant wait for the update I will be using this plugin for sure!

    Well done and thank you SmallCode.
    1. SmallCode
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
  5. Hubzen
    Version: beta-5.0.6
    idea of plugin is excellent! But it's sad that we can't edit and create more pets. Also I have a problem that after server restart I don't have pets :C 4Star rating because I hope that author will fix it. Also it would be cool to get stats from MMOItems plugin.
  6. HmTodayHacker
    Version: beta-5.0.5
    WTF, excuse me, but, i have * permission on my server, but i cant select only one pet? theres skeleton panda etc.. but Pet not unlocket? /smallpets - you havent got the permission to do that! What work is donate and discord and credist right? sorry but i thing something is wrong with plugin - spigot 1.16.3
    1. SmallCode
      Author's Response
  7. RudeC
    Version: beta-5.0.3
    Hi, very good plugin but i want to ask why is this spamming my consolo 14:14:13[ERROR] Could not pass event PlayerInteractEvent to SmallPets vbeta-5.0.3
  8. Pbupph
    Version: beta-5
    Hey I think i have problems with permission on 1.15.2 please have a look thank good plugin if u make it premium i will paid for it XD
  9. Anokilor
    Version: beta-4.4.3
    A really good plugin, I hope they keep adding pets and more configuration options.
    1. SmallCode
      Author's Response

      I will add more pets in the beta-5 update, but after those not more because you will be able to add your own pets with a config which isn't to far away from coming.

      Btw. it isn't they, it's you ;D
  10. Ktreus
    Version: beta-4.4.3
    Suggestions: make pets spawn on chests in strongholds/fortress/end cities for smp support, also make the current pet drop from the matching mob you killed at very low rate (if the pet exists)