SmallPets beta-6.2.5

Pets with abilites [1.12 - 1.17]

  1. SmallPets beta-6 update

    The time is finally here, SmallPets gets a new update!
    New features
    • Autocomplete for commands​
    • WorldGuard Custom Flags​
    • Autsave​
    • Backups​
    • New API​
    • Option to hide pets​


    With this update you get autocomplete suggestions while typing the command!

    WorldGuard Custom Flags (1.13 - 1.16)

    There now are now 4 custom WorldGuard Flags for SmallPets!

    smallpets-giveExp (default: true)
    Defines if you can get exp in a region

    smallpets-showPets (default: true)
    Defines if pets are shown in a region

    smallpets-allowAbilities (default: true)
    Defines if pet abilities work in a region

    smallpets-expModifier (default: 1.0)
    Defines the expModifier in a region (exp * modifier)


    You can now activate autosave in the config!
    This saves the user data into the files after a period of time and helps keeping the RAM free.


    You can now activate backups in the config.
    This saves all the settings into a zip after a period of time.
    You can also set how long a backup should be stored.

    New API

    With the new API you can now add new abilities more easily!

    Option to hide pets (only works with ProtocolLib)

    With this new option each player can individually set if he wants to see pets or not.
    Enjoy! (and lets hope the next update doesn't take this long)​
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