SmallPets beta-6.2.5

Pets with abilites [1.12 - 1.17]

  1. SmallPets beta-6.2 update

    SmallPets beta-6.2 is out now!

    It adds:
    - Unlimited Pets
    - Pagination
    - Sort
    - Customize the pet lore

    Unlimited Pets

    With the new update, all pets get a unique id,
    which makes it possible to have multiple pets of the same type.

    Note: Old save files get automatically converted

    With this you can store all your pets in one place so things don't get too messy!
    Oh also, don't worry about the inventory space, because we now also have...


    If you have got to many pets for just one page, thats no longer a problem!
    Pages get automatically added and removed depending on demand!

    The only question is what happens if you have got to many pages?
    Maybe we could add something like a...


    To help you find certain pets faster you can now sort your pets inventory!
    Sort options are:
    - None
    - Highest level
    - Lowest level
    - Type
    - Name

    Customize the pet lore

    You can now also customize the pet lore in the config!

    Development of the 1.0 update has already started, so be curious what awaits you! But until then...
    Enjoy SmallPets beta-6.2!
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