SMCore 2.3.1 HOTFIX

Replacement of Essentials.

  1. MichelePipi
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Hey all, thank you for checking out my plugin!

    This is a plugin that I am attempting to make to 'challenge' myself, and create a replacement version of Essentials.

    Currently, there are 15 commands.
    /fly - -
    /clearchat - core.clearchat
    /teleport - core.teleport
    /broadcast - core.broadcast
    /msg - core.msg
    /kill - core.kill
    /god - core.god
    /vanish - core.vanish
    /tpbow - core.tpbow

    /broadcast works!

    It would be awesome if you tried out the plugin, and new updates will come out daily!