SmellyTunes MIDI Disc Player 1.3.2

Jukebox Playback for Custom Music Discs

  1. smellyonionman
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English (Fully Translatable)
    With SmellyTunes, your players can use MIDI files just like any other music disc.
    No caveats! As long as your music disc has the correct NBT data, it'll work like a charm.

    Some options are provided to spice things up a little, such as volume-by-redstone-power.
    I have a strong feeling this will be my most enjoyed plugin, and I certainly hope you do!

    This is a scripted plugin and requires installation of Denizen and Citizens 2.
    Make sure you have also installed the required Common Files.
    You will also need to write a small amount of markup for each music disc, as shown below.

    • /smellytunes reload - re-read the config file and reload scripts.
    • /smellytunes update - check for updates
    • /smellytunes save - immediately save settings to disk
    • /smellytunes enable - globally enable plugin
    • /smellytunes disable - globally disable plugin

    • smellytunes.use allows use of custom discs in jukeboxes
    • smellytunes.bypass allows player to bypass server song limit
    • smellytunes.admin allows use of /smellytunes commands

    Music Discs
    All Jukeboxes on your server will now play MIDI files for any Music Disc with an NBT key named smellytunes, with a value representing a folder path below /Denizen/midi/smellytunes.

    For example, to point a Music Disc to the Pokemon Theme I might use smellytunes=TVThemes/Pokemon.mid as its NBT key/value.

    The filename is then added to the path specified as dir in your /plugins/Smellycraft/smellytunes.yml config file, which points to /Denizen/midi/smellytunes by default. In this case the Jukebox looks for /Denizen/midi/smellytunes/TVThemes/Pokemon.mid.


    If you already use Denizen and wish to generate the discs with another script or in-game recipes, Your music discs will need to be registered as Item Scripts in the following format:

    Code (Text):
        type: item
        debug: false
        display name: "<&a>Pokemon"
        material: [email protected]_disc_chirp[nbt=smellytunes/TVThemes/Pokemon.mid;flags=HIDE_POTION_EFFECTS]
        - <&9>Television
    You may place as many of these blocks in one file as you like.
    Only the NBT Key will affect how your disc is treated.

    It is important to note that smellytunes/ is the key, and TVThemes/Pokemon.mid is its value.
    Don't confuse the key and its value as one file path, they merely resemble one.