SMFSignup 1.0.0

Signup to Simple Machine Forums from in game!

  1. z1haze

    This plugin provides a simple method for players in your minecraft server to easily register to your SMF (Simple Machine Forums). Users in this free version will by default need to be activated by a moderator after registering. If interested in automatic activation, or email activation, please see my premium version for this for more features as well.


    - /signup <email> <password>


    - smfsignup.signup


    You will need to place this this code in a file in your forum index, name it 'api.php'
    Code (Text):

    $hash = 'YOUR SECRET HASH';
    $data = $_GET;
    if($data['hash'] == $hash) {
        $data['password_check'] = $data['password'];
        if(isset($_GET['action'])) {
            switch($_GET['action']) {
                case 'register':
                    echo json_encode(registerMember($data, true));
    } else {
        $error = array(
            "hash" => "Incorrect hash",
        echo json_encode($error);

    After this has been uploaded, simply upload the plugin to your minecraft server and fill out the config. Please ensure that your hash inside the config is the same as the hash inside the api.php file. Enjoy!