Smoke Trail 6.0

Adds the capability to have several trails follow you by command

  1. KingMagnus
    • This plugins use was to essentially utilize the particle effects that bukkit has to offer mainly the smoke and fire particles(hence the name). When you walk it will leave a trail of smoke and fire behind you hence the name. The trail can not be seen if you have particle effects turned off and it will not bother any anti-cheating plugins.
    • Commands:
    1. /trail smoke will leave a trail of smoke behind you
    2. /trail fire will leave a trail of fire behind you and
    3. /trail ender will leave a trail of ender particles behind you
    4. /trail flowers will leave a trail of flowers behind you(you can't pick them up and they will despawn on their own)
    5. /trail loot will leave a trail of goodies behind you
    6. /trail star will leave a trail of stars behind you
    7. /trail crit will leave a trail of critical blows behind you
    8. /trail sweat will make you feel like taking a hike
    9. /trail reload will reload the config file
    10. /trail list will list all the current trails
    11. You can use all commands on other players using /trail command playername; it has to be the exact name case sensitive
    • Permissions:
    1. smoketrail.use.smoke: for the /trail smoke command
    2. for the /trail fire command
    3. smoketrail.use.ender: for the /trail ender command
    4. smoketrail.use.heart: for the /trail hearts command
    5. for the /trail flowers command
    6. smoketrail.use.loot: for the /trail loot command
    7. for the /trail star command
    8. smoketrail.use.sweat: for the /trail sweat command
    9. smoketrail.use.crit: for the /trail crit command
    10. For the skulls it is smoketrail.skulls.steve/creeper/zombie/skeleton/wither
    11. You can use smoketrail.use.* for all commands and smoketrail.other.trail name for usage on other players like smoketrail.other.ender. Or just use smoketrail.other.*
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mr_dsa1
    Version: 6.0
    The plugin is good, dut how i can disable trails in other worlds. For example i have world with the name "minigames" and i want to disable in this world all trails (i already make that with pex world perm) but how to turn off all trails when the player join this world ?
    P.s sorry for my poor English )
  2. Yupie
    Version: 6.0
    It's a really nice plugin, however the configuration is quite hard. It has numbers next to the trails, but it doesn't say what they stand for or what they do.
  3. guidoowner
    Version: 6.0
    It would be nice if u made it for bungeecord so that u have the same trail on each server!