SmoothNightSkip 1.2

This plugin smoothly skips the night!

  1. Cerexus
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17

    This plugin is perfect for Survival/Freebuild/Economy/RPG Servers. It skips smoothly the night and your players will love it.
    You can configure everything according to your wishes.

    Often the night is simply skipped, but with this plugin it looks like the night is passing in fast motion!

    The basic mechanics are retained and you can variably determine how many players are required to skip the night.

    # ═══════════════
    # Have Fun!
    # ═══════════════

    #All messages can be sent via chat or/and with the actionbar
    • Mode:
    • Chat: false
    • Actionbar: true

    ## You can change every message
    #Message when team members enter a bed
    • teammember: '&6Team members &edo not count as required players, but as sleeping players.'
    #You can use {world} to get the name of the world.
    • skipinprogress: '&aNight in world "&9{world}&a" will be skipped.'
    #Already sleeping Players -> {sleeping}
    #Needed players to skip the night -> {neededplayers}
    #Name of the World -> {world}
    #Hint for team members -> {teammember}
    #Sigular is used if there is only one needed player to skip the night.
    • pendingskipsingular: '&9{sleeping} &aof &9{neededplayers} §aneeded players want to skip the night in world "&9{world}&a".{teammember}'
    • pendingskipplural: '&9{sleeping} &aof &9{neededplayers} §aneeded players want to skip the night in world "&9{world}&a".{teammember}'
    #Hint from pending message
    • hintforteammembers: ' &8| &e(&6team&e)'

    #Don´t change if you dont know what these values are
    #Factor which is used to calculate the needed players to skip the night
    #neededplayers(cutOffDecimalPlaces) = onlineplayers(without team) / factor
    #If you want every player to sleep (without team) then set 1. (double, integer possible)
    #With the factor 2.5 have 4 players to sleep out of 10 players.
    • factor: 2.5
    #Beds can used at 12541 ticks so the plugin should be usable at 12541 too.
    • night: 12541
    #At which time should the plugin stop skipping? Only 0 - night
    • stopskipping: 0
    #Here you can change the speed of the skip. 1 means 20 times per second.(only integer possible)
    • speed: 1
    #Here you can change the amount of ticks which get added during every loop from speed. (only integer)
    • speedticks: 100


    I would be glad if you leave a rating or review. :)

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  1. mfnalex
    Version: 1.2
    Nice QOL plugin! Looks way better than sleeping normally :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  2. RomanHD05
    Version: 1.2
    Echt gutes Plugin. Ich nutze es selber für mein Vanilla Server. Bitte mehr von so gut ausgearbeiteten Plugins. :D
  3. booky10
    Version: 1.1
    A very nice plugin to have. It works perfectly and fits great to a semi-vanilla server.