SmoothPlot 3.0b

Lightweight WG-based command-less plots managment system, features-rich, easy to setup and use.

  1. Chlorek
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Welcome! Let's begin with just a little description of this really amazing plugin named SmoothPlot and decide if it will make your server better.

    Well, SmoothPlot is mature project developed since 2012. It is a plots-system made to be lightweight and easy to use. It utilizes WorldGuard to manage regions for players. Generally it allows you to manage plots on your server without any commands. No more need for time-wasting regions creation (selecting with wand, then typing bunch of commands...). With SmoothPlot all you need to do is build a plot (plot border and not even entire) and place there a sign. Plot like this you can copy and paste (or stack, or any other duplicating method) with WorldEdit for example - and it will work without any problems!

    Official page (however spigot is mostly maintained now).

    Player just clicks a sign and plot is automatically created for him! SmoothPlot can accomplish most operations you can do with WorldGuard commands!
    But SmoothPlot is more - players can sell their plots and invite friends! Continue reading to know more about these features!
    Release yourself from admin works and make your life a lot easier!

    SmoothPlot is both - features-rich and lightweight (especially since v3.0):
    • provides plots for your players
    • reselling system (players can sell their plo,m,m''ts to others)
    • invitations system (players can invite friends to their plots)
    • stable (even in beta releases, everything is tested)
    • regions based on WorldGuard (so you can control plots in the way you already know)
    • support for as many plot types as you want (you can define VIP-only plots etc.)
    • good permissions support
    • highly customizable
    • lightweight - no lags!
    • additional lag prevention systems (border width limit, cooldowns etc.)
    • wide economy plugins support (by Vault - you can use pretty any economy plugin)
    • easy to setup and use - it's as easy as posting/clicking a sign!
    • plugin does not store any data itself - everything is based on intelligent region-naming algorithm
    • manual changes made with WorldGuard commands will not break SmoothPlot system
    • customizable plot greeting messages on enter (removed in 3.0, but will be added back in 3.1)
    • (in the next update) automatic flags setting

    This process cannot be any easier!
    1. Download latest SmoothPlot plugin.
    2. Put SmoothPlot.jar file to your server's "plugins" directory.
    3. Install dependencies (WorldEdit, WorldGuard, Vault and an economy plugin of your choice supported by Vault).
    4. Start your server.
    5. Once your server is loaded go to "plugins" directory and look for "SmoothPlot" folder, then get in there.
    6. Open config.yml with any text editor (gedit, notepad++, sublime text etc.).
    7. Setup everything as you wish (remember to use spaces, never use tabs), define plot types (check provided example inside that config).
    8. Save changes and reload server (this plugin works fine with reload, but to avoid errors in other plugins it is advised to restart server completly).
    9. Well done!

    How to use

    Providing plots
    This is the main SmoothPlot functionality. Plot shape is determined by borders around a sign. Let's break it into simple steps.
    1. Define plots in SmoothPlot's configuration file (by default <server path>/plugins/SmoothPlot/config.yml).
    2. Be sure to set valid world names in allowed-worlds list.
    3. Build a rectangle on the ground (use any material(s) you like) (actually you need only 4 blocks on X and Z axis, see screenshots)
    4. Place a sign on the ground and type:
      Notice that you can use many materials, just list them separated with , (semicolon).
      If you do not need parent region then leave the 4th line empty.
    5. Done! If you want you can duplicate this plot with WorldEdit or anything else that supports copying of signs.
    If this description is not quite clear for you, check screenshots. Soon there will be video-tutorials too.

    Friends invitations
    This option allows players to invite friends to their plots, so they can build there. This DOES NOT make them owners, they become members and it is not being counted in plotting system (they can join to as many plots as they want). To invite player simply place a sign like this:
    The sign must be placed anywhere inside target region. For security reasons since players can change nick-names, it is required for specified player to be on-line.

    Reselling plots
    This way players can sell their plots to others. It does not affect any blocks in region, so it's nice way to sell amazing houses etc..
    SmoothPlot manages WorldGuard regions only and DOES NOT remove LWC locks (and other simillar plugins), so please tell players to do so before they sell something.

    The only thing you need to specify is plot price. Example sign:
    The sign must be placed anywhere inside target region.

    Sign permissions:

    | Permission Nodes & What They Do |
    allows placing plot sign of given type

    allows breaking plot sign of given type

    allows buying plot of given type

    allows placing invitation sign (no per-type permissions yet, sorry)

    allows using (accept) invitation sign

    allows breaking invitation sign
    allows creating "for sale" sign (no per-type permissions yet, sorry)
    allows using "for sale" sign (buy a plot from another player), players need smoothplot.sign.plot.<type> too in order to buy plot
    allows breaking "for sale" signs

    Commands permissions:

    | Permission Nodes & What They Do |
    /smoothplot ver
    /smoothplot version
    /smoothplot info
    prints plugin informations (version etc.)
    /smoothplot help
    /smoothplot ?
    prints commands list
    /smoothplot example <plot / invitation / for-sale>
    shows example sign of specified type
    /smoothplot admin
    prints admin commands list
    /smoothplot admin plot-types
    prints available plot types and their details
    /smoothplot admin reload
    reloads configuration file (only!)


    • v3.0 - no real changes, just updated for 1.10 and fixed WorldGuard support
    • v3.0b - BETA VERSION | Total re-write coded from scratch. Many changes so I will list them:
      - not compatible with previous versions
      - a lot more light-weight
      - better errors handling
      - better configuration file design
      - plugin folder and default config are generated automatically
      - updated for Bukkit 1.7.9-R0.2
      - plots can touch each other now
      - border materials are now specified as names (no more IDs)
      - added sign-click cooldown
      - added per-type plot maximum width
      - added per-type plot allowed worlds
      - removed greeting messages (got better idea for this stuff but not added yet)
      - removed tekkit-users support (see previous point notice)
      - signs when successfully used are destroyed and dropped on the ground from now
      - designed for UUID changes (not everything is done, because of other plugins not being ready yet)
      - changed all commands and permissions so check them
      - left-clicking on a plot sign will print its price
      - special signs cannot be destroyed while in creative mode
      - added per-type option to include plot border in region or not
      - automatic validation of plot-types
      - added notification when using beta versions
      - changed license (no longer open source)
      - changed plot naming system (this thing causes backward compatibility to break)
      - fixed some known glitches, but this version is not tested enough to say it's bug-free, so test it, test it and once again test it. Basic tasks should work fine, but if you want to do some advanced stuff then contact me to know possible glitches!
    • v2.1 - Fixed/added permissions for admin commands, patched possible bugs
    • v2.0 - Better configuration, many fixes, large core changes, updated for the latest Vault and Bukkit 1.4.7-R1.0
    • v1.4 - Anti-infinite-loop check (your server won't lag forever); announcement on plot enter (affects only new plots)
    • v1.3.2 - Important config fix. It caused some problems last time. Update, please!
    • v1.3.1 - Just updated for Bukkit 1.2.5-R5.0, it does not change anything
    • v1.3 - Fixed some bugs from 1.3b, began to make source code cleaner
    • v1.3b - Added: players can sell thier plots to other players; players can invite friends to their plots; database file is no longer needed to save player plots; this is test-version, so it may be bugged
    • v1.2 - Added economy support
    • v1.1 - Added support for multi-materials plot border
    • v1.0 - The first public release

    • Automatic region flags (per-type, to be set in config)
    • Automatic members adding (for example for Tekkit servers)
    • Fix some possible bugs (might happen only when doing really weird stuff with this plugin so do not worry if it's not your case)
    • Translation support with per-player detection
    • Support for colors on signs
    • Border materials dictionary (assign ID to material name, so you can put more materials on a sign)
    • Border materials pre-defined in config (per-type)
    • More admin tools (eg. plot removing) - however most tasks can be done via WorldGuard commands
    More screenshots and video-tutorials soon, just because I am too busy, while another time I am too lazy.

    Just a little plot with a sign:

    Since v3.0b you do not need entire border, 4 blocks do the work:

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