SmoothSleep 2.11.1

Smoother, multiplayer friendly sleeping.

  1. v2.10.0 (All-Sleeping Mult, Bossbar Styles, and Hex Colors)

    Finally, some new features! The biggest change in this version adds a speed multiplier that only kicks in when everyone (not sleep-ignored) is asleep. This should allow a little more flexibility for those who want night to pass slowly until everyone is sleeping. This setting is ignored if you have instant-day enabled. This could make the curve setting less useful, but I get the feeling it isn't used too much anyways. If you don't wish to use this feature, setting all-sleeping-speed-mult equal to the max-night-speed-mult will effectively be the same as the previous version.

    Additionally, at the behest of a stranger on Discord, I've added:

    1) Hex color code support to configurable messages. You can now use &#000000 or &#000 hex formats to specify text color. The shorter form is expanded internally like so: &#ABC = &#AABBCC

    2) Boss bar styles have finally been added to the config. If an invalid style is given, the plugin will warn you in the console (listing valid styles) and revert the setting to 'SOLID'. Valid styles are: SEGMENTED_6, SEGMENTED_10, SEGMENTED_12, SEGMENTED_20, SOLID


    The hex color codes are rather new to me, so let me know if something doesn't quite seem right. Likewise, if you find any issues, please post them in the discussion (and include your server and plugin versions, ideally from the /version and /version smoothsleep commands on your server). Enjoy!
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