SmoothSleep 2.11.1

Smoother, multiplayer friendly sleeping.

  1. v2.11.0 (Purpur AFK support and random tick speed bug fix)

    Built against Java 11!
    Use the link below to download a version built against Java 8 if you get an exception during startup

    This release is not fully tested!
    I don't run my own server or play much at all now, so the only testing has been feedback from a couple other server admins.

    This version is being released primarily to fix the random tick speed issue that started becoming more frequent in recent server versions. I did not add the config option I talked about in the discussion (seems like the bug fix made it no longer necessary to do so).

    Additionally (and since jpenilla on github did the work for me), there's now support for Purpur's AFK detection when Essentials or CMI aren't installed.

    For whatever reason, previous versions of the jar had CMI API packaged with it. Now it doesn't (hence the massively reduced file size). Hoping this doesn't break compatibility with CMI.

    As usual, if something is breaking, let me know!
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