SmoothSleep 2.11.1

Smoother, multiplayer friendly sleeping.

  1. v2.11.1 (Option to disable update checks)

    This is a very minor update that adds a config option to disable update checking. Not sure why I never implemented it before. Thanks to @Cha_Shao for pointing this out. Something this minor wouldn't generally prompt me to release a new version, but it felt important to include.

    Just a heads up: I haven't tested this extensively since nothing significant was changed. If something breaks, let me know!
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  2. v2.11.0 (Purpur AFK support and random tick speed bug fix)

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  3. v2.10.0 (All-Sleeping Mult, Bossbar Styles, and Hex Colors)

    Finally, some new features! The biggest change in this version adds a speed multiplier that only kicks in when everyone (not sleep-ignored) is asleep. This should allow a little more flexibility for those who want night to pass slowly until everyone is sleeping. This setting is ignored if you have instant-day enabled. This could make the curve setting less useful, but I get the feeling it isn't used too much anyways. If you don't wish to use this feature,...
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  4. v2.9.3 (CMI integration patch)

    Releasing a small patch that allows hooking to the CMI plugin. If you don't use CMI, this update will not change anything for you other than the config section essentials-settings will be renamed to compatibility-settings. This is handled automatically by the plugin....
  5. v2.9.1 (Bug fixes for 1.16+)

    - Now compiled against Paper 1.16.1-R0.1
    - Updated dependency versions (bStats, PlaceholderAPI, EssentialsX)
    - Fixed a deprecated method responsible for applying potion effects
    - Fixed a NullPointerException being thrown when reloading before TickHelper is instantiated.

    Please report any bugs in the discussion!
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  6. v2.9.0

    • Weather should now clear in the morning if enabled in the config.
    • The plugin still ticks down weather duration internally while sleeping, but this doesn't seem to have any effect on the actual weather, so having weather duration decrease smoothly remains a wet dream (pun intended)
    • SmoothSleep is now compiled against Paper 1.15.2
    Thanks to @deiphiz , @lexitehgallade , and @Akuyi for pointing out that the...
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  7. v2.8.1

    • Small update to fix a warning message displayed if an invalid potion effect is used in the sleep-rewards section (kudos to @Cyats for finding it) -- No functional changes in this update.
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  8. v2.8.0

    Very small update so that players in Spectator mode are now treated as sleep ignored (thanks to @JustEli for letting me know I overlooked that bit)
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  9. v2.7.1

    v2.7.0 (previous snapshot released only on GitHub)
    • Added a method to set the 'base time speed' that SmoothSleep will operate with. This allows other plugins to modify time and be able to tell SmoothSleep what base speed to apply modifications to. Thanks to @NanoAi for this idea and testing the implementation.
    • If configured to feed players overnight, SmoothSleep will now add saturation if the food level is...
  10. v2.6.3

    • Includes the previous snapshot release (v2.6.2) to prevent NPCs from altering the sleeper count.
    • Now considers the Player's max health when healing overnight, instead of capping it at 20 (should account for max health above and below 20)
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