SMPEnchants 1.0.0

Enhance your SMP's with these custom enchants!

  1. nedrox
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    SMPEnchants is a custom coded plugin to give your players access to 8 (will be updated) custom plugins!

    Current Enchantments:


    Medic: Heal's the player that is shot with the bow. Damage's animals and other entities. You can toggle the option to heal the shooter in the config.yml. Level(s): 1

    Explosive: Create's an explosion at the shot area. Will not create an explosion if you shoot an entitiy. Levels: 1-3

    Lightning: A bolt of lightning will strike at the entity or block that you shot. Will set fire to the area. Level(s): 1


    Trophy: On kill of a player, this has a chance to drop their skull at the location of death. Will not drop entity skulls. Level(s): 1-3

    Withering: On attack of a player, this enchant will give the player the effect of withering, similar to when a Wither Skeleton attacks you. Will not apply to monsters. Level(s): 1

    Glow: On attack of player, this enchant will make them glow, similar to when they are hit with a spectral arrow. Will not apply to monsters. Level(s): 1


    Molten: When the player is attacked, the damager will get set on fire. Level(s): 1 - Armour: Chestplate

    Stealth: When the player sneaks, the player is hidden to all other players. Level(s): 1 - Armour: Boots

    You can individually disable these enchants in the config.yml

    #medic enchant
    do_medic_healer_message: true
    do_medic_healed_message: true
    do_medic_heal_self_message: true
    do_medic_cant_heal_self_message: true
    medic_healer_message: "&aYou healed &e{PLAYER} &ato &c{HEALTH}&a!"
    medic_healed_message: "&aYou have been healed by &e{PLAYER} &ato &c{HEALTH}&a!"
    medic_can_heal_self: false
    medic_heal_self_msg: "&aYou have healed yourself to &c{HEALTH}&a!"
    medic_cant_heal_self_msg: "&cYou can't heal yourself!"
    medic_heal_amount: 2
    medic_enchant: true
    trophy_enchant: true
    withering_enchant: true
    glow_enchant: true
    explosive_enchant: true
    stealth_enchant: true
    lightning_enchant: true
    molten_enchant: true
    config_reload_message: "&aYou have reloaded the config successfully."

    /smpe help
    /smpe enchants
    /smpe enchant <enchantment> <level> (if max level is 1 do not put a level)
    /smpe reload
    /smpenchants /smpe /se /enchants


    smpenchants.command (everything but /smpe reload)
    smpenchants.reload (/smpe reload)


    Join the public discord for easier support, or message me directly at nedrox#0254.

    Invite link:

    To use:
    1. Download the SMPEnchants.jar (Thank you!)
    2. Place in plugins folder.
    3. Restart your server.
    4. Edit the config.yml to your liking and /smpe reload to confirm your changes.

Recent Reviews

  1. xZeus
    Version: 1.0.0
    Buen plugin lo acabo de probar es muy buenoe estaba con mi amigo viendo plugins para poner a nuestro server y vimos que estaba este con soporte a la 1.16.

    Att: RavenNT