SMS Minecraft 2.1.0

Send SMS messages directly from your client.

  1. maldahleh
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    This plugin is in beta, though each version is thoroughly tested, you may encounter bugs. This is due to the nature of the number of possible scenarios which may be encountered with a plugin of this nature.​

    • Send a SMS directly from your server, choose which number to send it to, or define an owner number and provide a quick method for specific staff to send an urgent SMS to the owner directly from the server.
    ** I am not responsible for any fees incurred by using this plugin, applicable SMS rates apply based on your carrier. Twilio will charge a monthly fee for your virtual number (usually 1-2 USD) in addition to $0.015 per SMS (Twilio setup described below). See for complete pricing. **​

    Requirements and Installation
    * All phone numbers should be in +<country-code><number> (Ex. +19050000000) *​
    1. Put this plugin in your plugins directory
    2. Start the server, let the default config generate
    3. Stop the server, and edit the configuration file to your liking
    4. Create an account on
    5. Go to then search for a number and register it (This number will most likely cost you between 1 and 2 USD/month). This number will be where all SMS messages originate from. Copy the number to the originating-number field in the config using the format +<country-code><number>
    6. Visit and copy your AccountSID and AuthToken to the corresponding locations in the config.
    7. Configure the rest of the config file to your liking, configuration information below.
    Commands and Permissions

    ** <> are required arguments, {} are optional arguments. **

    /sms send <number in +(country-code)(number) format> <message> - Send an SMS to the specified number - minecraftsms.sendsms

    /sms sendowner <message> - Send an SMS to the number specified as owner-number in the config (useful for staff needing urgent owner attention) - minecraftsms.sendsmsadmin

    /sms sendalert <message> - Sends an alert to the entire alert messaging list defined in the config - minecraftsms.sendalert

    Code (Text):
      # Account SID
      account-sid: ""
      # Account Auth Token
      auth-token: ""
      # Server owner number (in +<country-code><number> format)
      owner-number: ""
      # Twilio purchased number (in +<country-code><number> format)
      originating-number: ""
      # Prefix, all messages sent will have this added before them, set to "" to disable
      prefix: "[SERVER] "
    # List of numbers on the alert list, could be administrators
    - "+19050000000"
      # Used when SMS is sent successfully
      sms-sent: "&cSMS sent successfully."
      # Used when incorrect syntax is used
      incorrect-syntax: "&cYou used incorrect command syntax."
      # Used if the executor has no permission
      no-permission: "&cYou don't have permission to use that command."
    The API allows other developers to hook into the plugin and make use of its features, here is an example usage of the API as well as a brief description of the API:
    Code (Java):
    # Sends a message to the number +19050000000 with the message hello from the Twillo number.
    SMSAPI.sendMessageToNumber("hello", "+19050000000");
    # Sends a message to the server owner with the message hello from the Twillo number.
    # Sends a message to the server alert list defined in the config
    SMSAPI.sendMessageToAlertList("This is an alert");
    Reporting Bugs and making suggestions
    If reporting a bug or making a suggestion, please do it via either a PM or in the discussion thread. If reporting a bug, please make sure to include your server version, plugin version, server log, in addition to the scenario which produced the bug.

    Please do not leave negative reviews based on bugs, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you with your issues and push updates to resolve any code-related bugs.
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      Thanks for the review :)