SnaiNavigator 0.1.0

Set waypoints and navigate the world with your compass!

  1. John55223
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Warning: This plugin requires ActionBarAPI to function properly. Read installation instructions below.


    Players are able to add and delete waypoints to their compass. Players can either use commands or left/right click with their compass in hand to select a waypoint, and their compass will point to it!

    (/compass or /c) requires no permissions
    /c [ /help/?] - Show help for compass commands.
    /c list - List all current waypoints
    /c add [name] <x> <y> <z> - Add a new waypoint
    /c del [name] - Remove a waypoint
    /c setwaypoint [name] - Set your compass to point to this waypoint

    (/compassadmin or /ca) requires compass.admin permission node
    /ca [ /help/?]
    /ca list [playername]
    /ca add [playername] [name] <x> <y> <z>.
    /ca del [playername] [name]
    /ca setcurrentwaypoint [playername] [name]
    / ca setmaxwaypoints [player] [amount]

    Installation Instructions:
    1. Place plugin in server "plugins" folder
    2. Place "ActionBarAPI" in server "plugins" folder
    3. Restart server

    • /c list - Not only lists all your current waypoints, but also provides buttons to set as current waypoint and to delete.
    • R/L clicking with a compass in your hand will cycle through your waypoints.
    • Administrators can limit the amount of waypoints each player can have
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Recent Updates

  1. All issues fixed
  2. Bug Fixes
  3. Cleaned up /c or /compass help