Sneeze 1.1

For servers who want their players to sneeze!

  1. Firegred.
    This plugin will basically allow your player to sneeze. It works instantly and does not need to be set up. However, there are no permissions associated with this plugin. When you sneeze, you get the message "Sneeze" and jump a little.

    What occurs with this plugin
    There is a possibility of these happening when you walk: These are the defaults: Chances of Sneezing: 0.01% Chances of getting Asthma: 0.001% (Asthma just gives you weakness for 30 seconds)

    There is a config.yml file and you can change the possibilities of these events happening all the way from 100 - 0.0001 (1 in a millionth chance is the lowest). If a number exceeds that range, the config.yml will load the default. If you put characters other than numbers as the values in the config.yml file, the plugin will not work correctly.

    Using a Feather on a Player
    When you get a feather and right click it on another player, there is a 4% chance that the target player will sneeze! Again, this can be changed in the config.yml file.

    /sneezereload: Reloads the plugin and its config.yml file

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  1. ItsWill
    Version: 1.1
    ROFL! This is so funny