Snowball Fight! [+Bungeecord support] 1.8

Collect snow and kill your enemies with snowballs or funny items!

  1. Shadowsky
    Snowball Fight!
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    What is "Snowball Fight"?
    "Snowball Fight" is a new minecraft gamemode for christmas!
    It is a endless game, so you can play it every time.
    You have to collect snow with your shovel to kill your enemies.

    After a kill you will get tokens...or maybe not.
    With tokens you can buy items in the shop.
    Thats it! ;)

    Important for the map:
    You must have snow on the map, else you can't collect snow and kill other players!

    Important for the game:
    Your "Game-world" must be in another world than your "Join-world"!
    (Make or import a world with e.g. Multiverse)

    - 2 random spawns
    - Invisible respawn protection
    - Token system + chance to get tokens
    - Shop
    - Scoreboard
    - Bungeecord
    - Configure the item costs
    - Join gui
    - Stats
    - Snow effects

    | Shows you the help-page | permission: /
    /snowball setspawn1 | Sets the first spawn | permission: snowball.admin
    /snowball setspawn2 | Sets the second spawn | permission: snowball.admin
    /snowball reload | Reloads the config | permission: snowball.admin
    /snowball join | You will join the game | permission: snowball.join
    /snowball togglebuild | If you want to change something on the map | permission: snowball.admin
    /snowball spawnsnowman | Spawns a snowman with which you can also join the game | permission: snowball.admin
    /snowball killsnowman | With that command you can kill your spawned snowman | permission: snowball.admin
    /snowball togglesnow | With that command you can enable or disable the snow particle effects | permission: snowball.admin

    - Tested on spigot 1.8.5
    - Java 8 / compiled for Java 7 (no guarantee)

    - TitleAPI | Link:

    How to install:
    1. Download the plugin + TitleAPI
    2. Put the plugins in your plugin folder
    3. Restart/ Reload the server
    4. Configure the config + shop

    How to setup the game:
    1. Teleport to the world in which you like to have the game
    2. Set the first spawn location with: /snowball setspawn1
    3. Set the second spawn location with: /snowball setspawn2
    4. If you like to, you can set a snowman with which you can join the game + gui, with: /snowball spawnsnowman
    5. Reload the config with: /snowball reload

    How to create a join sign:
    If you don't like to use the join command or snowman you can create a sign.
    You need the permission "snowball.admin" to create a join sign!
    Snowball join sign.PNG Snowball join sign 2.PNG

    Code (Text):
    # Snowball Fight! v.1.7

        X: -138.38933820885467
        Y: 76.0
        Z: -26.950728525474435
        Pitch: 27.09393
        Yaw: -27.28241
        Worldname: world
        X: -131.99181606512417
        Y: 75.0
        Z: -27.550125461364473
        Pitch: 33.688267
        Yaw: -0.72681534
        Worldname: world
      EnableBuild: false  <-- If you like to chance something on the map you can set this to true + /snowball reload
      EnableAttackDamage: true <-- If true, the players can hit them
      ChanceToBecomeAToken: 50 <-- How high is the chance to get tokens? In %! (1-100)
      AmountOfTokens: 1 <-- How much tokens should the players get?
      EnableBungeecord: false <-- Here you can enable Bungeecord
      Fallbackserver: hub <-- Here you have to write your bungeecord fallbackserver. If you like to use it.

    Code (Text):

        Grenade: 8
        Knife: 3
        BlindnessBall: 2
        WoolyHat: 4         Here you can change the price for the items! (In tokens)
        WinterCoat: 4
        Trousers: 4
        WinterBoots: 4
    GrenadeDamage: 16.0 <--- How much damage should the players get from the grenade? (In halfhearts)

    Snow particle effects:

    Snowball hit:

    mark-github.png Github:

    Hope you like it! :)
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  1. KurtMacRO
    Version: 1.5
    Wow...just wow...this plugin si very very good! Keep doing plugins :D if you want I have some ideas for you!

    1. Shadowsky
      Author's Response
      Nice that you like it!
      Feel free to send your suggestions to me.
      Maybe I like one of your ideas and I find time to work on it.
      Have fun with the plugin!