SnowballGame 1.1.9CMC1.13~

This is the plugin to play baseball in Minecraft!

  1. New Feature: Four other balls (that has various repulsion in being hit them by a Bat) added!

    New Feature: Added four other ball, which has various repulsion in being hit by Bat.They has different recipe.
    If normal-ball fly 100 meters, under the same condition, the "highest-repulsion-ball" will fly 140, higher one will fly 120, lower one will fly 80, and lowest one will fly 60 meters.
    I added them to adapt this plugin to the various size of ballpark built in your server.

    Changed: In 0.2.0, you can send a Ball farther away when you hit a Ball "accurately"(hitting near the center of the Ball), but Ball will get poorer speeds in hitting inaccurately.
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