SnowballGame 1.1.9_SPIGOT1.13~

This is the plugin to play baseball in Minecraft!

  1. Now you can play SBG on Spigot 1.13!

    This version is for spigot 1.13 or newer.
    All features are same to ver1.1.4.
    Maybe I'll post two-versions of SBG to support both of spigot versions(~1.12.2 and 1.13~) for some updates.(How many is not sure now.)
    Please use this version when you want to play SBG on Spigot 1.13.
  2. add new command "sweep" for cleaning up floating balls!

    in this version(1.1.4),
    • New command added.please type /sbg sweep for cleaning up floating balls arround you. the range is 3 blocks.
    • fix some bugs.
  3. Bug fixed.Sorry.

    • The previous version has a bug.As so many things about Bases and Umpires changed in that, Old one can't be replaced with breaking that and placing new one.Now this bug is fixed.
    • Please replace old bases and Umpires.
    Sorry for inconvenient.
  4. Now Bases and Umpires can be named & "Standin-on-the-base" message added.

    In ver 1.1.2,
    • Bases and Umpires can be named.If you name them in your inventory, the placed blocks will get that name.
    • In Broadcast messages, new variable [[BASE]]added.It indicates the name of base which a player touched.
    • Fielders can tell he is on the base with left-clicking with the glove in off-hand.(main-hand must be empty)This feature will be useful for telling outfielders which base he should throw to.
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  5. Let's get the ball rolling!

    In ver 1.1.1,
    • Now balls can roll on ground!(those in previous version can only bounce.)
    • Physics about ball bouncing was improved.
    • Some Bugs fixed! Thank you reporters!
  6. Add Base and Now coach can use different type of ball!

    In this version(1.1.0),
    • New Item "Base" Added! You can judge safe/out easily!(For runners, Left-click the Base while you are on it, then it'll detect and tell that nearby players.)(For fielders, Stamp it by sneaking with holding base or Catch a ball on the base.)Of course "Umpire" also works as the base!
    • You can use different type of ball (has different repulsion)for practice with "Coach". Batted-ball...
  7. You can toss the ball and practice situational-fielding!

    In ver 1.0.1,
    • You can "toss" the ball by swapping the ball from main-hand by hot-key.(generally "F" key)Let's make a beautiful double-play!
    • Coach will hit the ball from dispenser. He will hit towards random-player near him(The range can be set in config).It's good for situational fielding practice. If you don't want to play as a fielder, do not equip glove in your off-hand.
  8. 1.0.0 is coming!!! APIs and Events are available!!

    That's one small update for players, one giant leap for developers.
    • Imple APIs and Events System.
  9. Adjust batted-ball's spin and bounce.

    In previous version, there were two problems about ball's bounce(top-spun-ball bounced too high.) and batted-ball's flight(too-strongly spun).
    So I adjusted them on this version.
  10. Improve physics(ball's spin and bounce) and Now Dispenser is better picther!

    • The spin of batted-ball will be improved.I hope it gets closer to real move.
    • Bounce of spinning-ball will be improved too.
    • Dispenser will pitch more like to player.His ball will be faster, and He'll try to get "Strike" call.(pitch moving-ball to opposite direction from its moving.)