SnowballGame 1.1.9CMC1.13~

This is the plugin to play baseball in Minecraft!

  1. 1.0.0 is coming!!! APIs and Events are available!!

    That's one small update for players, one giant leap for developers.
    • Imple APIs and Events System.
  2. Adjust batted-ball's spin and bounce.

    In previous version, there were two problems about ball's bounce(top-spun-ball bounced too high.) and batted-ball's flight(too-strongly spun).
    So I adjusted them on this version.
  3. Improve physics(ball's spin and bounce) and Now Dispenser is better picther!

    • The spin of batted-ball will be improved.I hope it gets closer to real move.
    • Bounce of spinning-ball will be improved too.
    • Dispenser will pitch more like to player.His ball will be faster, and He'll try to get "Strike" call.(pitch moving-ball to opposite direction from its moving.)
  4. Improve physics(bouncing ball) & add "Catch"(not "collide")!

    In 0.9.2,
    • Ball's spin will make its bounce different.(e.g. Slider will move your main-hand-side after it hit to the ground.It's same to real behavior.)
    • Add "Particle.Swing_Sequent". If it is set true, the particle track your swing.
    • You can catch the ball without colliding with it. Set the glove in your off-hand and keep main-hand empty. Then, you can extend your arm with right-clicking towards the ball. Rarely you'll miss the ball(As you try to catch farther ball, a...
  5. Fixed some bug.

    fixed bug about "Vertical" value and Coach's batted-ball.Sorry.
  6. You can set swing-feature in Config! & improve physics

    In 0.9.0,
    • You can change your swing in config.Decide the name and add to list, set "Fly" parameter and name your bat to that name. Which do you like slugging with upward-swing or contacting with downward-swing?
    • Greatly improve physics. Now moving of balls is more likely to it in real-world(where moving direction is decided from ball's spin.)
    To realize this update,I read a lot of books about physics(or rather, looked through them and contents had went through my brain.)
  7. Knuckle-ball added! & You can edit your original pitching-motion!!

    In this version,
    • The value "Random" is added in config-section about ball's moving.This value means the amount of random-movement of the ball.Too big value should make it uncontrollable. Be careful.
    • You can change the release-point of pitching flexibly.The name of glove and your motion can be defined in config. Check it.
  8. Sorry, I found a dupe bug. Fixing & New particle can be set

    Previous version has dupe bug with ball.So I fixed it.
    And you can set the particle with throwing ball in this version.
  9. Now you can be a submarine-pitcher!

    In this version:
    • Right-handed players will pitch the ball from his right side, and left-handed will pitch from left.
    • Side-arm deliveries and submarines are added.You can pitch from different release-point if you name the specific name(set in config) to your glove.
  10. Fix bugs and add the particle for batted-ball!

    In ver0.7.1,
    • You can add the particle for batted-ball. It follows the ball during that is in flight.
    • fix some bugs.