SnowballGame 1.1.8_SPIGOT1.13~

This is the plugin to play baseball in Minecraft!

  1. Fix a bug again.

    I found a more bug after I released previous version.
    I fixed it. I am sorry to give you trouble
  2. Fix a dupe bug

    Sorry, version 0.5.0 has a dupe bug with Umpire.
    Please update to this version.
  3. New Feature: The umpire(or high-spec home base) is added!

    In 0.5.0,new item: Umpire is added.
    It's customized-Quartz_Block.You can use it as a home base.
    This will call "STRIKE" when the pitched-ball go through the strike-zone(above the home base).
  4. New Feature: You can edit and add the breaking-balls!

    In ver.0.4.0,
    • You can add a new breaking-ball! In config.yml, you can set the ball's velocity, vertical-movement, and horizontal one.Of course you can change the default ball's feature.
    • The message will be broadcast when a player catch the batted-ball in flight.
    • Dispenser's control is improved a little.
    • You can throw faster ball during you run fast.Out fielders should get more strong arm.
    New config.yml is:
    Code (Text):
    # SnowballGame Config

  5. Change config format.

    In 0.3.6,
    • Config format about broadcasting is changed.Please check and rewrite your config.yml.
    • When the batter hits the ball and player tags the runner(hit the runner with a ball in his main-hand), it will be broadcast.
  6. Improve batting system!

    in 0.3.5,
    • You can hit balls easier if you swing gently(pull the bat's string loosely)
    • When someone swings a bat, Everyone around him receive a message(it is defined in config.yml).
    In message about swing, too gently swing will be regarded as bunt.
    It is to prevent batters try to hit too many foul-balls.
  7. Fix a bug.Sorry,

    I'm sorry, In 0.3.3, the batted-ball will move towards the same direction with thrown-balls.
    This release is for fixing this bug.
  8. Add spin to batted-balls!

    In 0.3.3:
    • Batted balls will "spin".(e.g. Fly balls will attempt to move against the gravity.)
    • Fastball will move up slightly.
    • The repulsion of the balls will be lower.
    • Grounders will roll longer distance.
  9. Improve ball bounce

    In 0.3.2, the faster ball will lose much speed when it hit the block.
    0.3.1 and 0.3.2 were the update to get closer to real baseball about ball bouncing.
  10. Improve ball bounce.

    In ver 0.3.1:
    Grounders will roll longer distance.
    You can change the name of balls which have different repulsion from normal one(in config.yml).
    Fix bugs with reloading plugin.