SnowballGame 1.1.9_SPIGOT1.13~

This is the plugin to play baseball in Minecraft!

  1. Bug Fix & Add cool-time.

    In ver 0.6.1,
    • Once you pitched the ball, you won't be able to pitch the next ball in 1.5 seconds.
    • Some bugs fixed.
    Pitching too quickly is one of the cause of shoulder's and elbow's injury, I heard somewhere.
    In Minecraft, you can't undergo Tommy-John surgery even if you break your elbow.
    I made this update to protect player's arm from injury.(Actually, this change is to prevent this plugin makes servers slow.)
  2. New Feature: Added fielding coach!

    In ver 0.6.0, You can practice fielding more easily with the new item:Coach.
    He is customized armor-stand. If you want to practice with him, you should throw a ball at him or prepare at least one normal-ball and send /sbg please command.And then he'll hit the fly-ball or grounder towards you.
    And I fixed some bugs with Umpire in this version.
  3. Fix a bug again.

    I found a more bug after I released previous version.
    I fixed it. I am sorry to give you trouble
  4. Fix a dupe bug

    Sorry, version 0.5.0 has a dupe bug with Umpire.
    Please update to this version.
  5. New Feature: The umpire(or high-spec home base) is added!

    In 0.5.0,new item: Umpire is added.
    It's customized-Quartz_Block.You can use it as a home base.
    This will call "STRIKE" when the pitched-ball go through the strike-zone(above the home base).
  6. New Feature: You can edit and add the breaking-balls!

    In ver.0.4.0,
    • You can add a new breaking-ball! In config.yml, you can set the ball's velocity, vertical-movement, and horizontal one.Of course you can change the default ball's feature.
    • The message will be broadcast when a player catch the batted-ball in flight.
    • Dispenser's control is improved a little.
    • You can throw faster ball during you run fast.Out fielders should get more strong arm.
    New config.yml is:
    Code (Text):
    # SnowballGame Config

  7. Change config format.

    In 0.3.6,
    • Config format about broadcasting is changed.Please check and rewrite your config.yml.
    • When the batter hits the ball and player tags the runner(hit the runner with a ball in his main-hand), it will be broadcast.
  8. Improve batting system!

    in 0.3.5,
    • You can hit balls easier if you swing gently(pull the bat's string loosely)
    • When someone swings a bat, Everyone around him receive a message(it is defined in config.yml).
    In message about swing, too gently swing will be regarded as bunt.
    It is to prevent batters try to hit too many foul-balls.
  9. Fix a bug.Sorry,

    I'm sorry, In 0.3.3, the batted-ball will move towards the same direction with thrown-balls.
    This release is for fixing this bug.
  10. Add spin to batted-balls!

    In 0.3.3:
    • Batted balls will "spin".(e.g. Fly balls will attempt to move against the gravity.)
    • Fastball will move up slightly.
    • The repulsion of the balls will be lower.
    • Grounders will roll longer distance.