SnowballGame 1.1.9CMC1.13~

This is the plugin to play baseball in Minecraft!

  1. Added ball's acceleration & particle-custom system!

    In ver 0.7.0,
    • You can set ball's acceleration-level in config.In this value, 0 means same to ordinal snowball.
    • You can "dive" to the ground.When you are close to the ball or base and you want to reach it sooner, you should once sneak and sprint immediately.It works only when you have your glove or bat.
    • You can custom particle shown when you catch the ball, be hit by the ball, swings your bat, hit the ball with your bat, and pitch specific moving-ball.
    I hope this...
  2. Bug fix.

    Sorry, 0.6.2 has a bug (Umpire sometimes judge wrongly).
    This bug occurs in a particular environment.
    If you see it, please try this version.
  3. Improve coach's batting and fix some bugs!

    In 0.6.2,
    • Improve the ball speed for fielding practice.You can catch the fly-ball easier than previous version.
    • Pitcher's name can be shown in STRIKE-call.You can use the [[PLAYER]] tag.
    • The cool-time with pitching can be set in Config."Cool_Time" in "Ball" section is for it.
    • Some bugs with Umpire are fixed.
  4. Bug Fix & Add cool-time.

    In ver 0.6.1,
    • Once you pitched the ball, you won't be able to pitch the next ball in 1.5 seconds.
    • Some bugs fixed.
    Pitching too quickly is one of the cause of shoulder's and elbow's injury, I heard somewhere.
    In Minecraft, you can't undergo Tommy-John surgery even if you break your elbow.
    I made this update to protect player's arm from injury.(Actually, this change is to prevent this plugin makes servers slow.)
  5. New Feature: Added fielding coach!

    In ver 0.6.0, You can practice fielding more easily with the new item:Coach.
    He is customized armor-stand. If you want to practice with him, you should throw a ball at him or prepare at least one normal-ball and send /sbg please command.And then he'll hit the fly-ball or grounder towards you.
    And I fixed some bugs with Umpire in this version.
  6. Fix a bug again.

    I found a more bug after I released previous version.
    I fixed it. I am sorry to give you trouble
  7. Fix a dupe bug

    Sorry, version 0.5.0 has a dupe bug with Umpire.
    Please update to this version.
  8. New Feature: The umpire(or high-spec home base) is added!

    In 0.5.0,new item: Umpire is added.
    It's customized-Quartz_Block.You can use it as a home base.
    This will call "STRIKE" when the pitched-ball go through the strike-zone(above the home base).
  9. New Feature: You can edit and add the breaking-balls!

    In ver.0.4.0,
    • You can add a new breaking-ball! In config.yml, you can set the ball's velocity, vertical-movement, and horizontal one.Of course you can change the default ball's feature.
    • The message will be broadcast when a player catch the batted-ball in flight.
    • Dispenser's control is improved a little.
    • You can throw faster ball during you run fast.Out fielders should get more strong arm.
    New config.yml is:
    Code (Text):
    # SnowballGame Config

  10. Change config format.

    In 0.3.6,
    • Config format about broadcasting is changed.Please check and rewrite your config.yml.
    • When the batter hits the ball and player tags the runner(hit the runner with a ball in his main-hand), it will be broadcast.