SnowballGame 1.1.9_SPIGOT1.13~

This is the plugin to play baseball in Minecraft!

  1. Added TAB-completions, Changed the recipe of "Ball".

    In version 0.0.4, you can get a full statement by tapping TAB when you are inputting SnowballGame's commands.
    And I changed the recipe of Ball, new one requires Leather * 4, String * 4, and Snowball * 1.[​IMG]
  2. Improve some points to get closer to real-baseball.

    Improve ball speed(when slugged by Bat) and ball bound.
    Maybe now you can play ball game in actual-sized ballparks that you made in your world.
  3. Fixed some small bugs!

    After I released it yesterday, I noticed ver 0.0.1 had some bugs:
    - Balls didn't cause knock back for players when they hit.
    - When dispenser pitched Ball, items in that didn't get fewer.
    - some debugging message was outputted on the server-log.