SnowBomb 1.3

Throw a snowball to get make an explosion! Awesome donor perk!

  1. MrEminent42
    This is a tiny plugin that allows you to throw a snowball, and create an explosion.

    Cool donor perk for factions/survival/prison!



    sbomb.use - Use snowbombs


    permission_only - if only players with permissions can use a SnowBomb.

    disable_player_bomb_damage - if bomb damage on players should be disabled. Beware, this will still launch players in the air, and they will take fall damage. I'm working on that.

    The fall damage will hurt you if you are in survival. Working on that.

    All of my plugins utilize the All Rights Reserved license. This means that you cannot modify or redistribute without my permission.

Recent Updates

  1. Customization!
  2. Permissions

Recent Reviews

  1. the_master_98
    Version: 1.1
    it is a good plugin, it is simple idd but i like it!
    1. MrEminent42
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
      I'll be adding more stuff as I learn more.